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At Tiger Supplies, we offer a wide range of Site Security products, including quality Key Cabinets & Accessories to guarantee security at your workplace.

The UK construction industry is a multi-million-pound industry constantly affected by theft. Criminals target vehicles, machinery and metal and most burglaries go unsolved. Thus, you should ensure that security plans, new tactics and techniques are in place to increase the chances that your site or property will be safe from thieves.

One of the best ways to prevent theft is to organise, store and control the keys giving access to site premises and site storage.

The first step is to gather all the keys and identify their function. That’s why we offer Heavy Duty Key Tags so that you can easily identify your keys. Every pack is supplied with an assortment of coloured tags so that you can classify keys according to their function, the area they give access to or their frequency of use.

If you place the same colour key covers on all keys that perform the same function, you will be able to quickly locate the key you are looking for. To make it easier to identify keys in the future, label them if you are having trouble remembering their functions.

Another good option is the Standard Key Tags which are perfect for sites that have multiple secure locations.

Make sure to identify duplicate keys, such as car keys, storage vault keys or padlock keys. It is advisable to place duplicate keys together in a safe place. Having determined how many key groupings you have, you will need keychains and you can use our Jailers Ring for this purpose.

At Tiger Supplies, you can find Metal Key Cabinet, including a sheet of numbered labels and screw fixings for mounting it to a wall. This powder-coated steel cabinet comes with 2 access keys.

For the most important keys, we recommend our MasterLock Wall Mounted Key Safe, which is ideal for construction sites as it can be used both inside and outside for storing up to 3 keys safely. You will be able to set 4-digit combinations with hundreds of code options for maximum security. In addition, this product has a Lifetime Warranty against mechanical failure.

It can be used both inside and outside the home, office, worksite or anywhere that restricted or safe access is required. This product is ideal for leaving keys safely for children to gain access to the home after school or for elderly family members you may need to visit on a regular basis.

A good way of controlling who has access to the most important keys on site is to have a key log. This way, you can keep a track of key issuances and returns, and other essential information.

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