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At Tiger Supplies, we offer a wide range of First Aid Kits and Accessories, including a quality selection of Drugs and Alcohol Test Kits.

As part of the drug and alcohol policy at the workplace, some employers may have adopted screening. You can do the same as long as you know what you want screening to achieve and what you will do with the data the screening gives you.

Certain jobs that require personnel to make safety-critical decisions may require supervision. This is the case for pilots, drivers and some machine operators. In these types of jobs, drug and alcohol abuse can have disastrous effects on staff, customers, members of the public and the environment.

In these cases, screening can be introduced as part of the company's general health and safety policy. But you should be aware that workers must agree to participate in screening for practical and legal reasons. This activity must be carried out correctly to avoid contamination or tampering with samples.

When an employer has good grounds for testing, an employee can be disciplined for refusing to take the test.

We recommend our Test And Drive Multi Level Single Use Breathalyser Kit, which is fast and easy to do. Reliable results are ready in 2 minutes. You can transport it easily as it is compact enough to be kept in glove boxes and bags.

This single-use breathalyser is easy to read, you just need to match the crystal colour after the test for semi-quantitative readings at 0.0, 0.2, 0.5 and 0.8% of equivalent blood alcohol levels. It is suitable for self-testing and workplace testing. Each Test and Drive breathalyser kit is individually packaged and comes in a box of 30.

Currently, urine or saliva drug testing kits can detect drugs such as the following:

  • Cannabis and Cocaine 
  • Opiates
  • Amphetamine and Methamphetamine
  • MDMA and LSD
  •  Ketamine, Tramadol and Methadone

However, some drug testing kits cannot detect all of these drugs. Tests are most often conducted for cannabis, cocaine, opiates, ecstasy, methamphetamine, and benzodiazepines, which are the most common drugs of abuse. 

Tips to use a workplace drug testing laboratory confirmation test kit

First-line screening for drugs of abuse is made easy with drug testing kits. You do not have to do anything else if the screening test is negative. But employers have to proceed to a laboratory confirmation drug test if the result is positive and it is in a workplace setting:

  • You can choose between a urine and a saliva test. For most drugs, urine has a longer detection period, so it is the better choice for most companies.
  • It is advisable to have at least one of these confirmation drug test packs if you need to confirm a positive result.

At Tiger Supplies, we offer Antigen Rapid Test Kit (COVID-19 tests) for professional use and with excellent performance.

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