Fall Protection Equipment

At Tiger Supplies, we provide a wide range of Fall Arrest Equipment, including Fall Arrest Harnesses and Fall Arrest Lanyards.

The importance of fall protection is clear as falling from height can result in fatal injuries and death. The consequences of inadequate protection are life-changing. In the UK alone in 2014 there were over  2,800 injuries from workers ‘falling from height’– some of which were fatal.

The primary aim of fall protection products is to safely prevent a worker from falling when working at height.  Fall protection can be separated into two different forms:

  •  Fall restraint
  •  Fall arrest

Fall restraint ensures that a worker is adequately protected against falls from height, whereas fall arrest ensures that a worker is slowed and stopped if they fall from height. 

The primary types of fall protection systems comprise 3 main components. Consider the ABC of fall protection to ensure you are using the correct type:

A- Anchoring Point / Anchorage Point

B- Body Harness

C- Connecting Device

International Standards

Our range of Fall Protection Equipment and Height Safety Equipment complies with several international standards as can be seen in the chart below.

BS: EN Reference Meaning Specifications
EN354 PPE against falls from height– Lanyards Lanyards are tested for slippage, static strength, dynamic strength, and corrosion.
EN355 PPE against falls from height– Energy Absorbers Determines the requirements for energy absorbers. If a fall occurs, shock absorbers shall limit the impact force to a maximum of 6kN.
EN358 PPE against falls from height– Work positioning system – Belts and Lanyards Belts and lanyards complying with this standard should only be used only for work positioning and restraint, but not as part of a fall arrest system.
EN361 PPE against falls from height– Full Body Harnesses When worn properly, a harness keeps the wearer in place. It also distributes the load during fall arrest.
EN362 PPE against falls from height– Connectors Connectors complying with this standard serve as joining devices in personal fall protection systems.

Other international standards are

  • EN363 (PPE against falls from height– Fall Arrest Systems)
  • EN364 (PPE against falls from height– Test Methods)
  • EN365 (PPE against falls from height– General requirements for instructions and for marking)
  • EN795 (Personal fall protection equipment– Anchor Devices)

Hierarchy of Fall Protection

  • Avoid the risk 

Initially, the worker should avoid working at height. Consider safer alternatives if it is possible.

  • Guard additional hazards

The worker should ensure that there are no extra hazards to the site where work is required

  • Use of adequate protection

If working at height is essential, ensure that the correct fall protection is used.

Recommended PPE– Working at Height

Apart from our selection of Fall Protection Equipment, we recommend the following products:

  • Short Peak Hard Hats

The reduced peak will improve the workers' vision whilst working at height.

  • Banded Safety Spectacles

The band will ensure that the worker cannot drop the specs from their head causing a hazard below.

  • Abrasion Resistant Gloves

Level 4 abrasion-resistant gloves will provide minimal risk of injury at height. Be sure to select a pair with good dexterity.

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