Safety Helmet Ear Defenders

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Tiger Supplies offer a quality selection of Safety Helmet Ear Defenders, also known as Helmet Mounted Ear Defenders. These PPE items are ear muffs that can be worn in conjunction with a hard hat. 

Most of our safety helmets will provide a solution for a clip-on ear defender. Many mounted ear defenders provide a park position for when they are not in use.

Safety Helmet Ear Defenders are essential for working environments with extreme frequency noise, such as in the construction and mining industries. This product provides an effective solution in situations when both head and ear protection are required.

The Control and Noise Regulations 2005 require employers to provide ear protection if the workplace has a persistent noise at 80 decibels (dB). Wearing ear protection at the workplace is compulsory when the noise is at 85 dB or higher to prevent hearing loss and tinnitus.

What to consider when selecting Safety Helmet Ear Defenders

You need to make sure ear defenders offer the right protection against noise hazards in your workplace.

Single Number Rating

Single Number Rating (SNR) indicates the level of protection of ear defenders over relevant frequencies. 

Our safety helmet ear defenders have SNR values ranging from 36 to 25. They offer protection in environments where the noise level is at 95 dB or higher.

Thus, to choose the right product, you should consider the frequency and intensity of the noise hazard at your workplace. Employers should carry out risk assessments to determine what ear defender to use.

Risk assessments should include:

  • The environment
  • The task
  • The user
  • The exposure action values and limit values

International Standards

Hearing protection products must conform to EN352 to be considered valid accessories for protecting the ears.

These standards establish the test conditions and features that must be tested. Here are some of the aspects that are analysed: 

  • Resistance to impact
  • Cup rotation
  • Headband force
  • Sizing and adjustability

Tiger Supplies’ Safety Helmet Ear Defenders conform to the EN 352-3 standard. 


You should choose ear protection that is comfortable and fits well. At Tiger Supplies, you will find ear defenders that have adjustable arms so that you can tilt and choose the position of the cup that is more comfortable. The helmet adaptor and the cushion surface area provide optimum cushion pressure and comfort.

Our range of ear defenders includes products with adjustable cups. They can be parked away or moved to a “standby” position when they are not necessary and positioned over the ears when needed. 


We include in the product specification the brand and the compatibility of our ear defenders with our safety helmets. This information should be read to select the right ear defender according to the helmet you own or to buy both compatible products on our website.

At Tiger Supplies, we have a wide range of Head Protection and Ear Protection products and accessories, such as Safety Helmets, Safety Helmet Visors, Ear plugs and Dispensers. Do not hesitate to contact our sales team for more information.