Hi Vis Jackets

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The purpose of high visibility clothing is to make the person stand out. This way they are visible from all angles during poor lighting conditions or in a potentially hazardous situation. This ensures everyone is safe and prevents accidents from occurring.

To choose the right Hi-Vis Jacket you need to analyse the working environment. Consider whether you will be working primarily indoors or outdoors and whether you need protection against weather conditions, flammable materials and electric shock.

High Visibility Jackets are essential for several working environments and industries :


Excavators, cranes and dumpers, and other equipment can pose hazards to workers on busy construction sites. Hi-vis jackets ensure workers are seen and therefore stay safe from harm. In addition, many of these jackets are weatherproof, which makes them indispensable for outdoor work.

Tiger Supplies offer a wide range of Hi-Vis Jackets that are weatherproof such as the

Uzen Flexothane Hi-Vis Rain Jacket. This design is 100% waterproof, windproof, stretchable, lightweight and noiseless. 

The P187 Pulsar Padded Storm Coat has adjustable storm cuffs and microfleece collar for extra warmth and comfort.


The working environment at a warehouse or a factory is somewhat similar to that of construction sites. High visibility helps forklift operators and workers in delivery areas to be easily spotted, which prevents collisions and other accidents. In addition to machinery hazards, factors such as very high or low temperatures in the workplace require the use of special hi-vis jackets.

The PR515 Hi-Vis Executive Bomber Jacket has underarm ventilation and chin protection. The micro fleece collar in our hi-vis bomber jackets provides extra warmth and comfort.

Road/ Rail

Railway workers were the first to wear hi-vis clothing in the UK. Since the 1960s, hi-vis workwear clothing has ensured their safety while working near trains. Road and rail workers need to be visible in dark conditions. Drivers have to be able to see them from a distance, which makes jackets indispensable.

The S428 Hi-Vis Softshell Jacket is a water-resistant option that complies with the RIS 3279-TOM standards for the rail industry. 

Emergency services

Paramedics, the fire brigade, police officers, and the like need to wear hi-vis jackets so that victims can spot them easily. Emergency service personnel also benefit from the thermal and cooling features of jackets.

At Tiger Supplies, you can find Flame Retardant Anti-Static Jackets. These work jacket designs have breathable fabric that draws moisture away from the body and keeps you cool, dry and comfortable. Our jackets are fully lined and padded to trap the heat and increase warmth.

Custom Printed Hi-Vis Jackets

Tiger Supplies are proud to offer a bespoke printed garments service to its customers. 

Our designers create a free mockup of your logo or artwork on the hi-vis jacket of your choice. You can give your feedback before ordering. We offer competitive pricing and free delivery on orders exceeding £75.

Custom-printed jackets allow for an increased perception of professionalism within your company and organisation. This service enhances brand image and marketing immensely,  and it increases customers’ trust in the staff.