Safety Spectacles

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Eyes are one of the most vulnerable organs in our bodies. Therefore, it is essential to wear eye protection as it serves as one of the body's most vital first lines of defence.

In most day to day tasks, loose flying particles can occur in almost any working environment, resulting in the need or mandatory requirement of eye protection for workers. Injuries to the eye can lead to pain, loss of time, loss of money and potentially damaged eyesight.

Some of the most common threats to the eye include wood chips, paint chips, concrete particles and small fixings.  Dust, smoke, and corrosive chemicals can also affect our eyes following equipment failure or accidents. 

Workers’ eyes are constantly under threat and risk from impact hazards. It’s an employer’s responsibility and a legal requirement to ensure suitable personal protective equipment (PPE) and eye protection are provided to all personnel at risk of damage to the eyes.

Safety Spectacles are the type of PPE most suited to lower impact activities including DIY and gardening. At Tiger Supplies, we offer an extensive range of Safety Glasses and Spectacles with different levels of protection and frame styles to suit a variety of everyday tasks. 

We specialise in the procurement of Safety Glasses and Spectacles which are ideal for industries such as construction, automotive, food production, pharmaceutical, oil and gas and civil engineers. Often companies or construction sites will have a policy for workers to wear spectacles on site.

Suitable for most lighting conditions and the most
natural lens to view through all year round.
Ideal for sunlight or glare affecting the users’ view
(UV protection). Most common during the summer
Provides a light enhancing effect. Best for low light
environments e.g. dawn, dusk and artificial lighting.
Provides a scratch-resistant surface which allows
prolonged wear and usage giving the buyer maximum
value for money.
An optional EN standard ensures that the wearer can
benefit from fog-free eyewear for at least 8 seconds for
higher levels of visibility.

Outdoor workers may need to wear protective eyewear to protect their eyes from hazards, such as grit and dust, as well as from regular UV light exposure. Glare can be distracting and affect your eyesight in different ways. Discomforting glare can cause eye fatigue. Excessive exposure to the sun can lead to disabling glare which may blind the eyes momentarily. 

Therefore,  it is strongly recommended to wear smoke lenses to counteract the effects of blinding. These types of safety spectacles can enhance your outdoor work experience.

Almost all of our Safety Spectacles conform to EN166 which helps keep our valued customers safe. EN166 is the standard specifying basic requirements for a series of performance tests. The EN 166 certification represents a guarantee that your safety eyewear has been analysed and tested according to European standards, and it has all the necessary properties to protect you.

Thus, manufacturers of safety eyewear must comply with essential rules. For instance, eyewear cannot have sharp edges and should be free from projections as these can cause discomfort or injure the wearer. Also, the materials employed for creating the parts of safety eyewear cannot cause any skin irritation.

EN 166 safety eyewear will meet the basic testing requirements. Thus, you need to be sure your eye protection has the CE mark and meets  EN 166 standards if you are looking for the right protection.

EN166 Indicates the Quality of the Ocular (Class 1 is the Best) 1, 2, 3
EN166 Suitable for High-Speed Particles, Low Energy Impact F
EN166 Suitable for High-Speed Particles, Medium Energy Impact B
EN166 Resistant to High-Speed Particles at Extreme Temperature T
EN166 Resistant to Molten Metals and Hot Solids (Frame) 9
EN166 Resistant to Liquid Droplets or Liquid Splashes (Frame) 3
EN166 Resistant to Short Circuit Electric Arc (Oculars) 8
EN170 Specification for UV Filters -
EN172 Specification for Sun Glare Filters for Industrial Use -

We are constantly improving our range of Safety Glasses to keep up with the leading innovations and technologies from brands such as Bolle and JSP.

Prescription Safety Eyewear

Prescription Safety Spectacles look like common prescription glasses but have the additional protection of reinforced lenses and frames with side shields. Prescription safety eyewear has been designed to resist impact. 

Prescription eyewear is available on a wide range of safety spectacles. Manufactured to specification, each set of lenses can be applied to a range of frame designs. Using three types of lens materials and three types of lens design (single vision, bifocal and progressive). It’s possible to tailor eyewear to meet your vision requirements. 

Created to help maintain your vision in hazardous environments without having to rely on multiple pairs of eyewear, our spectacles will provide protection from a range of impact and splash hazards with the same protection ratings as standard safety eyewear. You just need to remember these three simple steps:

  1. Call the Sales Office and provide a copy of your prescription and we will talk you through all the information that is required.
  2. The Sales Team will liaise with the spectacle manufacturer of your choice and arrange to have your prescription lens fitted to your desired model.
  3. Your safety spectacles will be delivered to you directly by the manufacturer with the prescription lens in place and ready for use.

Branded Safety  Spectacles

Corporate branded products are fantastic for providing high levels of professional appearance, enhancing brand marketing and reinforcing customers' trust in the legitimacy and high standards of a business. 

Corporate branding is available on a selected range of safety spectacles. It’s possible to customise the design on the arms and frames to incorporate a business’s brand colours and even add a logo. 

Please, consult our sales team to identify which spectacles corporate branding is available on. For more information, please call us on 0844 848 3444 or email us at Don't hesitate to contact us today.