Thermal Clothing

We offer a wide range of thermal accessories to keep you warm during winter. Tiger Supplies’ Thermal Hats, Snoods and Cold Protection Gloves are essential winter accessories made from comfortable insulated materials. 

Cold stress lowers skin temperature and the body's internal temperature. When a person is unable to warm up, they can suffer serious cold-related ailments and injuries, which can lead to permanent tissue damage and death. 

Although wind chill is common in cold climates, it is low temperatures that pose the greatest danger to body heat balance. The appropriate adjustment of clothing can often control and regulate body heat loss to balance changes in the ambient climate.

Thermal Comfort

Workwear garments, and especially Thermal Clothing, are key factors that influence your thermal comfort. Thermal comfort is essential in any workplace. This term refers to your state of mind in working environments that are too hot or too cold. 

Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 state that employers must provide an adequate indoor temperature. The minimum workplace temperature indicated by the Approved Code of Practice is 16℃ on a normal day or 13℃ when work tasks require rigorous physical effort. 

Nevertheless, the employer is not obliged to follow these guidelines and can determine what reasonable thermal comfort is ideal depending on the working environment and particular circumstances. The best that employers can realistically achieve is a thermal environment that pleases the majority of employees.

Importance of thermal comfort

In addition to increasing morale and productivity, managing thermal comfort can also improve health and safety. Employees working in uncomfortably cold rooms and work environments may not be capable of behaving safely as their decision-making capacity is reduced. An adequate thermal comfort ensures employees can concentrate on a given work task with less risk of making mistakes.

But, it is important to adapt to the thermal environment, especially when working outdoors, by wearing appropriate thermal clothing and accessories.

Thermal Hats, Snoods and Cold Protection Gloves

Our Thermal Hats have excellent thermal insulation and provide the wearer with warmth and  protection from cold environments. Several of our designs, such as our beanie hats, feature deep edges to cover the entire ear. We recommend that you read the product specifications, as some thermal hats can be compatible with Safety Helmets and other safety equipment.

We also offer snoods, which are a type of scarf made of stretchy material. Snoods are worn around the neck and can cover the head, which makes them a great winter face covering.

Tiger Supplies’ Cold Protection Gloves conform to several international standards, including those for safety gloves, such as the EN 388, the EN 420, and the EN 511. Our gloves have been manufactured by renowned brands, including Traffi, Polyco, and IceTherm, and allow for full flexibility in hand movement. These gloves are resilient and provide an excellent grip. Many designs feature a waterproof membrane that keeps hands warm and dry in cold conditions.

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