Face Coverings & Disposable PPE

Disposable PPE creates a barrier between the wearer and potentially infectious agents or harmful substances. These items are essential for preventing cross-contamination and should be thrown away after use.

Tiger Supplies’ range of Disposable PPE includes disposable masks, disposable gloves and disposable clothing.

By wearing disposable masks, employees prevent droplets produced by talking or coughing from being expelled into the immediate environment. These masks have a moisture repellent outer layer designed to resist splashing and splattering of blood and other infectious materials.

Disposable gloves protect employees from hazardous substances and objects, biological materials, and sharp items. Tiger Supplies’ disposable gloves are available in latex, nitrile, and vinyl.

Our range of disposable clothing includes disposable aprons, disposable overshoes, and disposable oversleeves. Tiger Supplies’ disposable aprons prevent the transfer of bodily fluids and harmful substances from coming into contact with workers.

Thus, disposable PPE ensures health and safety at work for caregivers, doctors, nurses and employees in the catering and food industry.

It is the employer's responsibility to provide, replace, and pay for personal protective equipment. The law establishes that employers must know the PPE regulations and conduct risk assessment procedures.

Employees must be informed about the reasons why they need to wear protective clothing, face covering or disposable face masks. In some cases, training is compulsory to ensure workers know how to use PPE correctly.

Tips to dispose of PPE correctly

  • Ensure that used PPE items are disposed of to prevent others from using them by mistake. Damaged or infected personal protective equipment can seriously compromise the health of workers. 
  • There should be PPE disposal bins at the workplace.  Gloves, masks, and other disposable PPE items are not suitable for recycling, Thus, they should not be placed in recycle bins. 
  • Disposable PPE is often used to protect employees from harmful substances and biological hazards. You should dispose of contaminated items carefully so that contaminants are not released in the workplace and affect other people. 
  • Depending on the type of contamination involved, there should be a specific method of disposal in your organisation. There is a different set of standards for each situation.

For instance, within the clinical setting, used masks,  gloves, and aprons contaminated with bodily fluids are considered infectious and must be segregated. According to the HSE,  this an example of Category B waste and needs to be disposed of in an orange-lidded bin. A licensed or permitted treatment facility must handle this type of waste.

Tiger Supplies are market leaders in providing a wide range of PPE of superb quality to several worksites across the UK,  such as construction, utility, and rail. We stock brands such as Moldex, JSP, Traffi-glove, and Bollé. 

We are happy to source and provide you with all of your PPE needs, including Head Protection, Ear Protection, Safety Eyewear, and Protective Footwear.

If you need to buy disposable PPE or other kinds of personal protective equipment for your organisation, feel free to check our vast range. For more information, call us on 0844 848 3444 or email us at sales@tiger-supplies.co.uk