Fall Arrest Lanyards

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Tigers Supplies’ wide range of Fall Protection Equipment includes a quality selection of Fall Arrest Lanyards. Fall Arrest Lanyards protect workers when working at height and prevent them from falling to their death should an accident occur.

The primary objective of fall protection equipment is to safely prevent workers from falling when working at height.  Fall protection can be divided into two categories:

  •  Fall restraint
  •  Fall arrest

Fall restraint ensures an adequate level of protection against falls from height. Fall restraint equipment does not allow the worker to access areas where there is a risk of a fall. On the other hand, fall arrest equipment will slow and stop the worker in the event of a fall.

The primary types of fall protection systems comprise 3 main components:

A- Anchoring Point / Anchorage Point

B- Body Harness

C- Connecting Device

Fall Arrest Lanyards play a crucial role in fall protection as they are the connector between safety harnesses and anchoring points. Lanyards consist of a rope, webbing or cable for specialised applications. Fall arrest lanyards feature a hook and a shock absorber to reduce the impact of a fall.

Most of our fall arrest lanyards have a stretched length of 2 meters and conform to several international standards.

The EN 363 standard specifies the areas of application, components and individual parts of personal fall protection equipment.

EN364 is the standard for personal protective equipment against falls from height that focuses on test methods.

The EN355 standard determines the requirements for energy absorbers. According to this European Standard, shock absorbers shall limit the impact force to a maximum of 6kN if a fall occurs. 

Finally, the EN365 standard determines the general requirements for instructions and marking of personal protective equipment against falls from height. This European standard provides specifications for the periodic inspection and repair of PPE against falls from height.

Inspection of Fall Arrest Lanyards

Fall arrest equipment and height safety equipment should be examined annually. However, manufacturers recommend more frequent inspections.

According to the HSE, Fall Arrest Lanyards should be subject to a series of checks by competent persons:

  • Pre-use checks: Visual and tactile checks before the lanyard is used.
  • Detailed inspections: In-depth checks should be carried out on a regular basis, at least every 6 months or 3 months if the lanyards are used frequently. Employers must have a copy of the inspection reports.
  • Interim inspections:  These in-depth checks are required between detailed inspections if a risk relating to the safety of the lanyard is identified by a risk assessment before the next detailed check is carried out.

Individuals in charge of the inspection must check if there are:

  • Signs of heat and friction damage
  • Signs of UV degradation
  • Knots
  • Signs of abrasion (across the face of the webbing, at the edges, etc)
  • Signs of damage to stitching

We also offer a selection of Fall Arrest Harnesses and Fall Arrest Blocks to ensure employees’ protection when working at height. For more information, please call us on 0844 848 3444 or email us at sales@tiger-supplies.co.uk