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Pliers and snips are hand tools that most professionals and DIY enthusiasts use on a regular basis, due to the variety of tasks for which they can be used. At Tiger Supplies, you will find a wide range of pliers and snips that can be used across several industries.

Pliers and snips are useful for:

  • Pulling
  • Gripping
  • Wire cutting
  • Stripping

Tiger Supplies offer a wide selection of pliers and snips from well-known manufacturers such as Knipex, Globemaster, and Silverline:

Long nose pliers: Ideal to grip small objects.

Water pump pliers: Useful for holding and turning fixings and fasteners.

Combination pliers: Multipurpose tool 

Self grip pliers: This type serves as a clamp.

End cutting pliers: For cutting nails or wires close to a surface.

Side cutter: Useful for cutting wires. This tool also substitutes pliers.

Aviation tin snips: This type of snip cuts flexible materials (wires, textiles, plastic, sheet metal, heavy-duty paper, etc).

Many of our pliers and snips are made from high-grade special tool steel and drop forged carbon steel, which makes them corrosion-resistant.

Tips to maintain your pliers and snips

Your tools collect dirt and grime during use and storage. Thus, pliers and snips can corrode and become less effective if they are not cleaned regularly. Maintaining your pliers and snips will prolong their service life. It is also essential to inspect your tools before use to know when to repair them or replace them.

Here are some tips on how to maintain your pliers and snips:

  • Wipe your tools dry after cleaning them
  • Store them in a dry place. Make sure there is no moisture.
  • Do not leave them outside at night. A good tip is to count them after a day of work to make sure they are all in your tool bag or the tool box.
  • It is recommended to clean your tools thoroughly once a month
  • You may apply oils or maintenance products like our AC-90 Lubricating Spray to remove rust.
  • Try not to use pliers and snips in acidic environments to avoid corrosion.


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