Measuring & Levels

When completing construction or renovation projects, having the right tools is essential. As a contractor, you require a wide range of tools to carry out your work effectively and efficiently. That is why, at Tiger Supplies, we offer a wide range of Measuring Tools and Levels that will last for years to come and help you succeed at what you do.

Measuring tools and levels are essential for contractors in various industries. These tools are designed to provide accurate measurements and help ensure that projects are completed to the required specifications. On our website, you can find a quality selection of:

  • Spirit Levels

Spirit levels are used to determine whether a surface or object is level or plumb. They come in different lengths and are made of metal or plastic. A spirit level contains a liquid bubble that moves between two lines when the surface is level. During construction, carpentry, and masonry work, you might need to use these tools regularly to make sure that walls, floors, and other surfaces are level and plumb.

  • Tape Measures

Tape measures are another type of measuring tool that is commonly used in construction projects. They come in different lengths and widths and are made of metal or plastic. You can use them to measure distances and lengths, such as the length of a wall or the distance between two points.

  • Laser Levels

Laser levels are used to project a laser beam onto a surface, allowing you to accurately measure and mark lines and angles. They are commonly used in construction, surveying, and landscaping projects. Laser levels come in different sizes and types, including rotary laser levels and cross-line laser levels.

  • Rulers & Framing Squares

Rulers and framing squares are used to measure and mark straight lines and angles. They are made of metal or plastic and come in different lengths, widths, and thicknesses. You will need these tools to accurately measure and mark cuts, angles, and lines for your metalworking, construction, and carpentry tasks.

  • Detectors & Thermometers

Detectors and digital testing tools, such as our digital thermometers and infrared thermometers, are the best for performing precise measurements of numerous factors. That is why, at Tiger Supplied, we offer a variety of digital thermometers, damp detectors, digital anemometers, and sound level metres for more specialised jobs.

  • Concrete Testing

Concrete testing products are essential for ensuring batches of concrete are properly mixed. By using our products, you can improve the reliability, strength and durability of the structures you build while also saving time and money.

In conclusion, measuring tools and levels are crucial equipment for contractors across a range of sectors. They aid in ensuring that tasks are finished precisely, quickly, and following the requirements. With our range of quality tools, you will complete any task to the highest standards, whether you are a contractor, builder or DIY enthusiast.

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