Disposable Clothing

At Tiger Supplies, we offer a high-quality range of Disposable Clothing that provides adequate protection against workplace hazards. Our disposable workwear is ideal for environments where it is common to work with harmful materials and substances.

Our Disposable Coveralls conform to several international standards and offer full body protection. They are hooded and effective against particles and non-hazardous dust. Our coveralls are available in a variety of sizes.

Tiger Supplies’ Disposable Overshoes and Booties protect from harmful spillages. They are essential if you work within clean areas or food processing environments. Our overshoes and booties are a simple and effective solution to your hygiene needs.

We recommend the use of Disposable Aprons to prevent harmful substances and body fluids from coming into contact with you. Our disposable plastic aprons protect clothes and will help you to stay clean. They are ideal for minimising the risk of cross-contamination at the workplace as they are impervious to bacteria and fluids. 

Disposable aprons are suitable for work in a wide range of professional settings, such as dentistry, food processing and catering, cleaning, animal care, and health care.

In medical and care applications, disposable aprons should be worn when treating patients with suspected infections, exposing yourself to bodily fluids, performing aseptic techniques and decontaminating care equipment and the care environment.

Disposable Hairnets and Beard Covers are mandatory for employees working in the food industry, laboratories, and electronic plants, among others. Human hair can contaminate food and laboratory samples and disrupt manufacturing processes. Our disposable hairnets and beard covers conform to international standards and give a comfortable fit. 

Finally, our Disposable Gloves will protect you from biological materials, hazardous objects, and sharp items. They are made from latex, nitrile, or vinyl. Latex gloves are often used by workers within the medical, food, and industrial industries. They are wash-proof, detergent-safe and suitable for contact with all food types. 

Disposable nitrile gloves have superior strength and puncture resistance. They are also resistant to chemicals, grease and oil. Our nitrile gloves are durable and have a longer shelf life. This type of glove is ideal for industrial and mechanical applications. 

Vinyl gloves provide a comfortable fit and have anti-static properties. They are often used in the beauty and hair industries and food manufacturing.

We also offer powdered and powder-free gloves. Some gloves can be covered with donning powders and dusting, such as corn starch. These powders facilitate the absorption of perspiration. Powder-free gloves are a better option for preventing cross-contamination in clinical settings.

 If you use large quantities of disposable clothing, our bulk packaging options are a cost-effective solution.

When selecting disposable clothing you should consider the wearer, the task at hand and the environment. We recommend that you analyse the nature of the work to be carried out. 

At Tiger Supplies, you can find a wide range of Workwear and PPE available. Contact us today if you need assistance. Call us on 0844 848 3444 or email us at sales@tiger-supplies.co.uk