Door Protection

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At Tiger Supplies, we offer a wide range of Temporary Protection products, including Door Protectors to prevent damage to door frames during construction or refurbishment.

Doors also need to be protected when renovating and decorating a property. Decorating is a messy business, and your doors may be susceptible to damage should they not receive the correct protection, both at home and in the workplace. That is why Tiger Supplies specialise in a broad range of temporary protection materials with the safekeeping of your doors in mind.

Use our range of temporary Door Protection products to prevent scratches and damage from high impact. Our products can also help you keep out dust and dirt. Use them to keep the interior of the property clean and tidy during the construction process as it will be beneficial to the overall aesthetics of the finished project.

Our flame-retardant door sheets are manufactured from fluted polypropylene sheeting to provide effective protection for doors. They are lightweight and durable and will offer excellent impact protection to help prevent damage during construction or refurbishment. 

They meet the requirements of the Joint Code of Practice issue 9 and another advantage is their waterproof properties. Therefore, our door sheets will protect from fire, scratches, dust, dirt, paint and mortar splashes allowing for quicker clean-up time once finished. 

We also offer Door Sleeves that fit all standard door sizes. Simply slide them over the door and the cover remains in place. This product is completely recyclable making it less of an impact on the environment and can also be custom printed to add a professional touch to any project. Some of our designs can be sealed on three sides thus completely enveloping the door. Read the product description to choose the type of door sleeve that meets your needs. 

The Foam Door Jamb Protector or Foam Jamb Guard FR TS63 is a high-impact protector that is certified to TS63 to provide outstanding protection from accidental site impact and damage to door frames during construction or refurbishment.  

This product can be applied in seconds. Simply push it into place. Even under impact, the Foam Jamb Guard™ will not come off. It can be easily cut to length and is completely reusable. You may move our jamb protector from site to site and store it between projects.

We also offer a Flame Retardant Foam Door Jamb Protector that can prevent or slow the spread of fire and reduce the risk of fire-related injuries and deaths, as well as damage caused by fire. 

At Tiger Supplies, we are proud to provide a high-quality variety of protective solutions to keep your site from general mess and harm whilst on the job. Use the sections above to navigate to your desired type of protection, including Internal and External Site Protection, Kitchen and Bathroom Protection, and Scaffold Sheeting and Accessories.

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