Spill Control

Hazardous chemical spills are sometimes unavoidable, which is why any business handling in hazardous or flammable chemicals should make necessary safety precautions, apply preventive action and ensure correct cleaning materials are available should a chemical or flammable liquid spill occur.

Tiger Supplies specialise in Pollution Control and equipment in handling various chemicals and as such stock an extensive range of products designed to both prevent chemical spills from happening or to apply the necessary equipment to clean any chemical spills for both flammable and non flammable liquids.

Our Spill Kits and Accessories range provide a valuable list of essentials for any business handling chemical or hazardous liquids. Our range includes Spill Kits, Drip Trays and specialist equipment for Oil Spills such as pads, safe rolls and oil brooms.

Our preventive and hazardous Chemical Containment list of products provides both suitable and efficient solutions in ensuring the safekeeping of chemicals with high danger of pollution, which include Containment Sump Drums, Drip Trays, Oil Drums and various Fluid Transfer Pumps for the easy transfer of liquids both of the flammable and non flammable nature.

Use the categories above to navigate between the relevant solutions Tiger Supplies have available for Pollution Control and prevention of hazardous and dangerous chemical spills.