Hi Vis Waist Coats

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Hi-Vis Waistcoats are one of the most popular garments within our range of hi-vis workwear. Waistcoats are lighter, more comfortable, and can be worn with Hi-Vis Trousers. Our hi-vis waistcoats come in bright colours and are available in several sizes.

Hi-Vis Waistcoats keep the wearer safe at work and are vital for individuals dealing with general traffic or working near motorways and busy roads. 

This type of hi-vis clothing also allows motorcyclists, cyclists, and runners to be seen from all angles, especially during poor lighting conditions. In the dark, the reflective stripes of their waistcoats enhance visibility and warn other moving vehicles about their presence. 

These stripes outline the human body and help distinguish between the wearer and other objects of the environment.

EN Standards

The EN ISO 20471 determines the amount of reflective material a high-visibility garment should have to fulfil its function. This standard considers the fluorescent material and reflective tape. 

Thus, according to the EN ISO 20471, our hi-vis waistcoats are divided into 3 categories. Class 1 waistcoats provide a minimal level of visibility, whereas Class 3 waistcoats provide the highest level.

Class 1 Waistcoats

This type of waistcoat is suitable for low-risk situations where there is little chance of collisions or traffic accidents.

Class 2 Waistcoats

Class 2 Waistcoats offer better visibility and are useful for heavy traffic areas. We offer a wide selection of class 2 waistcoats. 

The Rail Hi Vis Waist Coat conforms to EN ISO 20471 Class 2. It is suitable for work on railways as it also complies with the Rail Industry Standard (RIS-3279-TOM / formerly RT 3279).

Class 3 Waistcoats

This type of waistcoat is vital in high-risk areas (motorways, airports, etc.) as it offers the highest level of visibility. 

Our S12 Zip Front Executive Jerkin conforms to EN ISO 20471 Class 3 and is an excellent choice for working at night in the dark.


Our wide range of hi-vis waistcoats has additional features to make your work life easier. We recommend you read the product description to choose the type of waistcoat that best suits your needs. 

Here are some of the features that our hi-vis waistcoats may have:

  • Front zip fastener
  • Cuff adjusters
  • ID pocket
  • Mobile phone pocket 

We have hi-vis waistcoats that are flame retardant. These waistcoats are often made of flame-retardant treated polyester fabric and conform to the EN ISO 14116. This standard specifies the performance requirements for flame-resistant protective garments.

You can also find waistcoats for children, available for 3-year-olds up to 13-year-olds.


Here are some recommendations to make the most out of your hi-vis waistcoat:

  • Choose the right size. Selecting a garment that is too big will affect your movement while performing work tasks, walking or cycling. If you choose a hi-vis waistcoat that is too small, you will also be uncomfortable, and the waistcoat may not fulfil its purpose.
  • Keep your waistcoat clean but pay attention to the washing instructions. Excessive laundering will cause the reflective tape to wear out.

Tiger Supplies are proud to offer custom-printed hi-vis waistcoats to its customers. For more information, please contact our sales team.