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Paintbrushes are used across several industries and applications. They are often used by:

  • Professional tradespeople
  • DIY enthusiasts

No matter how big or small the painting project is, it's key to consider the tools you'll use. Think about the type of paint you’ll be using and the job you’ll be doing when selecting a paintbrush.

Paintbrush Sizes

Selecting the best paintbrush for the job is sometimes difficult, as brushes come in various shapes and sizes. You need to be clear about the DIY or work task you’re going to do so that you can choose the right type of brush and size.

You should also consider

  •  The size of the surface you want to paint 
  • The degree of detail on that surface

Use a wider brush for working on broad and featureless surfaces, such as doors or cabinets. For detailed surfaces, such as chair rails and mouldings, use a narrower brush.

We've outlined the most common paintbrush sizes you can find at Tiger Supplies and what they're used for to make the selection process easier.

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Brush Width Uses
0.5″ / 12 mm Suitable for flat filling large surface areas or for detailed edge work
1″ / 25 mm
Ideal for cutting around glass or window frames
1½″ / 40 mm
2″ / 50 mm Useful for skirting boards, architraves, door frames, and panel doors
3″ / 75 mm Great for large flush panel doors
4″ / 100 mm
Ideal for walls and ceilings
4½″ / 115 mm

Bristle Types

Bristles can be classified according to the material and their flexibility.

Combined Stiff

Natural: Useful for solvent-based paint, natural bristles allow you to brush on paint easily with few brush marks. Their split ends help you produce a fine finish. Thus, natural bristles are ideal for wall surfaces, doors, and skirting boards. You can also use them for wood stains and varnish.

Synthetic: Great choice if you want to achieve a fine finish with water-based paints and to reduce the drying time. This type of bristle doesn't cause tramlines to appear in the paint and it won't swell up.  

Combined: Perfect for all types of paint. The mixture of natural and synthetic bristles guarantees a good finish.

Soft Bristles: Their softness makes them an excellent choice for stains and varnishes. Natural bristles tend to be soft and can be used on large surfaces without details.

Stiff Bristles: Stiffer brushes help you have more control over the paint. Therefore, choose them for detailed surfaces like mouldings.

Tiger Supplies’ Paintbrushes

Our high-quality range of paintbrushes is meant to suit all kinds of tasks and applications. We offer sets of paintbrushes in a variety of sizes.

With long thick pure bristles, the Emulsion Brush gives an excellent finish to emulsion paintwork. Its brush width of 4″ / 100 mm makes it ideal for walls.

Tiger Supplies’ Precision Paint Brush Set is an ideal choice for professional and domestic use. These brushes are versatile and can be used for small and large detail on a variety of paint types, such as acrylic and emulsion.