Respirator Masks

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We offer a wide selection of Respirator Masks to help you protect yourself and others at the workplace.

Inhalation disorders and occupational respiratory diseases cause 12,000 deaths per year approximately. These health issues can be prevented if workers have access to the right type of respirator.

Types of respirators

Reusable Respirator: A respirator which can be reused and works in conjunction with filter cartridges, making the respirator multi-purpose and good value for money.

Disposable Respirator: A temporary respirator which can only be used once. They are generally available with valves for comfort in prolonged use and unvalved for less contamination.

Powered Respirator: A respirator which generally incorporates a battery-powered motorised fan to push air through a filter supplied to the user within a mask or headgear.

European Standards

EN 143 is the European Standard for particulate filters. It describes the tests and  requirements that filters must meet to be considered suitable for use with other respiratory protective equipment.

EN 14387 is the European Standard for gas filters and combination filters:

  • Gas filters will protect the wearer against certain vapours and gases.
  • Combination filters also offer protection against certain gases and vapours as well as solid and liquid particles in the air.

These filters are divided into different classes depending on their protection capacity, quality and applications.  Each class is denoted by a different colour as can be seen in the filter guide below.

Filter Guide

Colour Type Symbol Class Additional information
White P Particles 1, 2, 3 European standard: EN 143
Brown A Organic gases and vapours. Boiling point above 65 ℃ 1, 2, 3 European standard: EN 14387
Grey B Inorganic gases and vapours 1, 2, 3 European standard: EN 14387
Do not use against carbon monoxide
Yellow E SO2 and other acid gases 1, 2, 3 European standard: EN 14387
Green K Ammonia and its organic derivatives 1, 2, 3 European standard: EN 14387

Particulate Filter 

Particulate filters protect against various harmful substances such as dust, mists, fumes, aerosols, fibres, mould, bacteria and many more. Choosing the appropriate filter is important based on the level of protection required.

FFP1 Required for low levels of particulate exposure, filters at least 80% of airborne particles.
FFP2 Required for moderate levels of particulate exposure, filters at least 94% of airborne particles.
FFP3 Required for high levels of particulate exposure, filters at least 99% of airborne particles.

Face Fit Tests

Workers should have access to face masks and respirators that fit them properly around the nose and mouth to prevent irritation, soft tissue damage, lung failure and cancer. Thus, a face fit test should be conducted before using any tight-fitting respirators. Face fit tests are compulsory for workers dealing with lead or asbestos. 

Tiger Supplies can arrange for an expert to visit your workplace depending on the number of wearers requiring a face fit test. The expert will provide advice on RPE and perform fully certified face fit testing on all required. 

For more information about Face Fit Test or our range of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), don’t hesitate to contact the sales team on 0844 848 3444 or email us at