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If you work on your knees all day long and exert a lot of pressure on them, you require knee protection. Knee pads can help prevent injuries by relieving pressure when you are often in a kneeling position.

In addition to providing comfort when kneeling on a hard surface, knee pads will prevent objects on the ground from digging into the knees, such as nails, staples and gravel.

Certain occupations are more likely to develop chronic conditions affecting the joints of the leg. Heavy lifting, climbing, squatting and kneeling are some of the activities that may cause tradesmen, for instance, to develop osteoarthritis, bursitis, and tendinitis, among others.

Treating these conditions takes time and will require a medical leave from work. Wearing knee pads is a good way to prevent these diseases and potential impact injuries at work.

The cushioning (padding) placed on the kneecap can be made of several materials, such as foam, rubber, gel, plastic, and carbon fibre. Some knee pads have a shell made from high-density materials to ensure durability and constant protection. These shells conform to the shape of the kneecap.

Tiger Supplies’ wide range of knee pads suits diverse working environments and tasks at hand. Workers at industrial workplaces and construction sites can benefit from wearing them as well as gardeners and individuals working on their knees.

Types of Knee Pads according to EN 14404 standard

The EN14404 standard determines the requirements for industrial knee protectors. The knee pads are tested in the following categories: 

  • Penetration and resistance
  • Force distribution
  • Peak transmitted force
  • Ergonomic test

According to this standard, there are 4 types of knee pads:

Type 1: This type of knee pad is independent of any clothing. These knee pads can be fastened around the leg on the outside of your work clothes. You can easily put them on and take them off.

Tiger Supplies’ Impacto Gelite Hard Shell Knee Pads are excellent for maintenance, manufacturing, construction and industrial applications. This design helps prevent knee and hip joint stress and provides long-term protection from cumulative trauma injuries.

Type 2: These knee pads have been designed to be inserted in pockets on the legs. They often have foam padding.

Our pair of Knee Pad Inserts suit work trousers, action trousers and bib and brace overalls. These are knee protection pads with impact protection.

Type 3: Knee protection that is not fastened to the workers’ legs but that is used during their movement. They are positioned to protect each knee separately or both knees together as the user moves around.

Type 4: Accessories with additional functionality. This type of knee protection can function as a frame to facilitate kneeling and standing positions.

There are 3 protection classes or levels according to the EN 14404 standard:

Protection Class/Level Appropriate use
0 For flat floor surfaces because penetration resistance isn’t required.
1 For flat or uneven floor surfaces. The knee pad has a penetration resistance of at least 100N or 10.2kg of force.
2 For severe conditions. The penetration resistance is at least 250N or 25.5kg of force.

Tiger Supplies’ Impacto All-Terrain Gelite Knee Pads are certified as per EN 14404+A1:2010 for penetration resistance, force distribution, and shock absorption. They are approved for working in a kneeling position. This design is perfect if you are required to work on your knees for long periods and provides protection from cumulative trauma injuries.

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