Fall Arrest Harnesses

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Tigers Supplies’ wide range of Fall Protection Equipment includes a quality selection of Fall Arrest Harnesses. Our safety harnesses protect against falls from height whilst allowing workers to focus on the task. 

To prevent fatal injuries and death when working at height, we offer Fall Arrest Harnesses from reputable brands including Delta Plus, Miller by Honeywell, and JSP. Our harnesses are available in sizes medium to extra large with a tested capacity of 140 kg (mass constraint level).


Here are key features of our fall arrest harnesses:

  • Ultimate comfort– Our harnesses can conform to the shape of the wearer
  • Adjustability– The leg straps are adjustable and the lightweight buckles provide an adjustable fit.
  • Fall indicators – Located on anchorage points to identify whether the harness has been involved in a fall.
  • Easy maintenance– These harnesses are easy to clean and maintain.

European Standards

EN 361

This is the standard for PPE against falls from a height focused on full-body harnesses. It describes all the requirements and test methods for this type of harness, which provides stability by holding the wearer in place and distributing the load.

Full-body harnesses are tested for a series of aspects including dynamic performance, static strength, and corrosion resistance.

Dynamic performance

This test is conducted on each of the harness attachment points to assess how the harness will perform during use. A shock load is applied to evaluate the performance of the harness. This test also indicates the angle at which the wearer will be held in case a fall happens.

Static strength

This test consists of subjecting a harness to a 15 kN tensile force that is applied upward and a 10 kN force that is applied downward.

Corrosion resistance

A neutral salt spray test is carried out to check whether the metallic components in the harness can provide minimum resistance to environmental corrosion. The exposure to the corrosive substance lasts either 24 or 48 hours.

EN 365:2004

This European standard details the minimum general requirements for the use and maintenance of Personal Protective Equipment, including PPE against falls from a height. It also provides specifications for the periodic inspection and repair of PPEs as well as their marking and packaging.

The interpretation of this standard indicates that fall arrest harnesses must be checked periodically for the presence of defects or wear. Periodic inspection should be carried out by competent persons following the manufacturer's instructions and recommendations.

Inspection of Fall Arrest Harnesses

The British Standard determines that fall arrest equipment and height safety equipment should be examined annually. However, manufacturers recommend more frequent inspections.

Individuals in charge of the inspection must check if there are 

  • signs of heat damage 
  • UV degradation
  • cuts and abrasions
  • any illegible tags

It is recommended to keep written records of your periodic inspections.

We also offer a selection of Fall Arrest Lanyards and Fall Arrest Blocks to ensure employees’ protection when working at height. For more information, please call us on 0844 848 3444 or email us at sales@tiger-supplies.co.uk