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Clamps and vices are essential tools for contractors working in construction, metalworking, and woodworking. These tools are used to hold materials securely in place, making it easier for contractors to work on them. At Tiger Supplies, we offer a quality selection of Clamps & Vices to help you do a good job.

One of the main benefits of clamps and vices is that they provide a secure and stable work surface. This is particularly important for contractors working on intricate projects, where even the slightest movement can cause damage to the materials. 

There are different types of clamps designed to hold materials securely in place:

Spring clamps

To work with smaller and delicate workpieces like wooden discs, you should use spring clamps. They are ideal for this kind of application due to their small size. These clamps can be used to hold small objects on a work surface, but they are especially useful for holding two pieces together when glueing. 

Spring clamps typically have two jaws, two handles, and a sprung pivot that can apply a significant amount of pressure despite their small size. These clamps usually have plastic or rubber pads to prevent damage to the workpiece.

Ratchet clamps

A ratchet clamp has a ratchet mechanism and a quick-release button. These features allow for a stronger grip than a spring clamp.


G-clamps are designed for woodworking projects. This model has a fixed frame holding a threaded rod that connects to a flat end or swivel shoe. The T-handle attached to the rod is turned to tighten the clamp. These clamps have a smaller jaw size and a limited range of 25-150mm compared to F-clamps.


F-Clamps are similar to G-Clamps, except the frame is not fixed. One arm of the frame slides along a bar. This feature allows for a greater clamping range of up to 600 milimetres without requiring a longer threaded rod. 

Conker clamps

The conker clamp can be held in one hand and is suitable for small items like conkers and acorns. It enables you to hold the item securely with one hand while using a softwood hand drill or palm drill to make a hole. After securing the item, you can place the clamp on a work surface, holding the clamp with one hand and drilling vertically down with the other.


Vices are great for tasks such as sawing, drilling, and filing. The jaws of the vice can be adjusted to securely hold the workpiece in place while you work on it.

A bench vice is a tool that can be attached to a workbench by either clamping or bolting it. The vice allows workpieces to be clamped easily and quickly in a vertical or horizontal plane, depending on the type of vice used. Some vices are small and portable.

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