Safety Goggles

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Our wide range of Safety Eyewear includes a quality selection of Safety Goggles

Loose flying particles are a hazard in almost any working environment. Safety Goggles are ideal for protection against mechanical risk from high-speed particles.

These are some of the most common threats to the eye:

  • Wood chips
  • Paint chips
  • Concrete particles
  • Small fixings

Eye protection is essential. Employees’ eyes are constantly under threat and risk from impact hazards and flying debris. Thus, it is the employer’s responsibility to provide suitable safety eyewear to all the workers at risk of damage to the eyes.

Any situation that involves excessive force or pressure requires the use of safety goggles (e.g. using nail guns, compressed tools, cutting and grinding equipment etc.).

European Standards

The European Standards determine the requirements that Safety Goggles must meet in order to offer maximum protection. 

Almost all of our Safety Goggles conform to EN166 which helps to keep our valued customers safe. 

EN166 Indicates the Quality of the Ocular (Class 1 is the Best) 1, 2, 3
EN166 Suitable for High-Speed Particles, Low Energy Impact F
EN166 Suitable for High-Speed Particles, Medium Energy Impact B
EN166 Resistant to High-Speed Particles at Extreme Temperature T
EN166 Resistant to Molten Metals and Hot Solids (Frame) 9
EN166 Resistant to Liquid Droplets or Liquid Splashes (Frame) 3
EN166 Resistant to Short Circuit Electric Arc (Oculars) 8
EN170 Specification for UV Filters -
EN172 Specification for Sun Glare Filters for Industrial Use -

Key features

We are constantly improving our range of Safety Glasses to keep up with the leading innovations and technologies from brands such as Bolle and JSP.

Key features of safety goggles include anti-scratch lenses. This provides a scratch-resistant surface which allows prolonged wear and usage giving the buyer maximum value for money. Anti-fog lenses are an optional EN standard which ensures that the wearer can benefit from fog-free visibility for at least 8 seconds.

Other features to consider 


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Side ventilation
  • Hybrid Safety Spectacles and Goggles
  • Changeable lens
  • Compatibility with prescription lenses


  • Pivotable head straps that fit all head sizes
  • Adjustable valves that can be:
  • Open to provide indirect vents
  • Closed to create a sealed goggle


  • Anti fog
  • Anti scratch
  • Anti mist
  • Liquid splash protection
  • UV protection 

Eco-Friendly Safety Goggles

Tiger Supplies also offer eco-friendly designs of Safety Goggles approved under our Project Kaiyo initiative to offer businesses an opportunity to become more sustainable. Safety Goggles such as the Bolle Super Blast Vented Safety Goggle are approved under this project and made with recycled materials. Thus, these products are environmentally friendly and help reduce plastic consumption and plastic pollution.

Our selection of Safety Eyewear also includes Safety Spectacles and Disposable Visors. We also recommend you check our Safety Eyewear Accessories and Safety Eyewear Cleaning Products for the care of your Safety Goggles.

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