Surface Protection

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At Tiger Supplies, we offer a wide range of Temporary Protection, including a quality selection of Surface Protection products to take the worry out of refurbishment and decorating projects.

The process of remodelling or decorating a property can damage surfaces and create a lot of mess. If you are planning to make changes at home or in the workplace, you must be worried about taking care of the floors and other surfaces as they may be susceptible to damage should they not receive the correct protection. That is why Tiger Supplies specialise in a broad range of temporary surface protection products.

With our products, you will protect the surface from impact, puncture, tear, spills, and stains while you are refurbishing and decorating. 

Our Standard Protection Fleece has a waterproof, impact-resistant and self-adhesive protection material. It is easy to use. Simply roll it out, smooth it into place and trim it. This product stays securely in place and does not require tape or additional fixing. Being self-adhesive, once applied this protection fleece does not ruck or travel. Its special technology ensures that the adhesive remains on the product and does not transfer to the protected surface upon removal. And its thick fibre layer creates excellent impact protection.

We recommend the Multi Surface Protection Film, which is self-adhesive, multi-purpose, waterproof and puncture resistant and tear-resistant. You can quickly apply it to most hard surfaces such as worktops and kitchen units and it will protect them against scratches, dirt, dust, spills and splashes. This product leaves no residue and its obvious colour provides a clear signal that it is protecting finished surfaces. You can sweep or vacuum it prior to removal.

Our Multi Guard™ Surface Protector is an innovative new product created for varied temporary protection requirements. This product is made of a self-adhesive, hard-wearing material and has been created from nonwoven synthetic fibres. It is one of the most versatile temporary protection products on the market. The main advantage of the Multi Guard™ Surface Protector is its capability to protect floors, internal windows, internal walls, doors, ceilings and stairs.

If you are worried about falling debris and mortar ruining your windows sills, invest in our PB Sill Protectors™. Window sills are always installed early on in the project and are susceptible to damage. Using this cost-effective product will avoid costly replacements. 

Our PB Sill Protectors are sold in packs of 25 and are completely reusable and recyclable. Sill Clips have been specifically designed to secure PB Sill Protectors to a wide range of sill sizes without the need for taping or stapling. 

At Tiger Supplies, we are proud to provide an extensive variety of protective solutions which will keep your site from general mess and harm whilst on the job. Use the sections above to navigate to your desired type of protection, including Floor Protection, Door Protection, Internal Site Protection, and Kitchen and Bathroom Protection.

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