Industrial Hand Soaps

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Our wide range of Industrial Skin Care includes a quality selection of Industrial Hand Soaps ideal for use in healthcare, office areas, rest areas, cafeterias, and any public facility to help prevent the spread of germs.

Tiger Supplies’ industrial hand soaps leave the skin feeling smoother after use. In addition, our hand soaps have several benefits and properties.

Low pH

Low pH hand wash is suitable for all skin types and ideal for individuals with sensitive skin. Low pH hand soaps effectively remove germs, dirt, and debris from hands whilst being compatible with the natural pH level of your skin. 

The nature of this type of hand soap helps prevent irritation, inflammation or moisture loss. Our soaps have been formulated with low pH to protect the skin’s acid mantle.

A hand wash with higher pH levels can have a negative impact on the look and feel of your skin.  Higher pH can alter the skin barrier, leading to dryness and dermatitis. 

Thus, low pH hand soaps are the best choice for maintaining healthy-looking hands.


Hypoallergenic hand soaps alleviate allergies and skin conditions such as atopic dermatitis and eczema. The ingredients of this type of hand wash do not cause irritation and are harmless compared to harsher industrial hand soaps. 

By using hypoallergenic soaps, you prevent dryness and itchiness. Many of our products have been tested by dermatologists to verify and confirm they have minimal allergenic potential. 

Clinical testing shows that repeated daily use of these products does not affect the healthy condition of the skin barrier function. Thus, they are ideal for high-frequency use.

Some hand washes are lightly scented to ensure maximum user acceptance. Other hand soaps are perfume and dye-free to be suitable for extremely sensitive and allergic individuals.


At Tiger Supplies, you will find industrial skin products that are certified to have a reduced environmental impact throughout their life cycle, including the extraction of raw materials, production, use and disposal. 

In addition, some of our hand soaps are approved under our Project Kaiyo as they help reduce plastic consumption. This initiative has the objective of helping businesses become more sustainable.  


Our industrial hand soaps can be suitable for a variety of industries, including

  • Food industry -  These hand soaps have been independently tested. Trace amounts of these products are not expected to cause any adverse toxicological effects. But, food handlers must use the hand soap only in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Healthcare industry -  Products have been evaluated and meet all biocidal requirements to be used in a healthcare environment.


Tiger Supplies’ range of industrial hand soaps is ideal for removing everyday dirt and grime. We also offer effective products with mild cleansing agents that remove difficult and extremely heavy industrial soiling including grease, oil, sludge, tar and fuel.

We also offer liquid Soap Dispensers, Hand Sanitisers and Moisturising Creams to ensure hygiene and comfort.

For more information, please contact the sales team at or 0844 848 3444.