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At Tiger Supplies, we offer a wide range of Welders’ Workwear that provides adequate protection against workplace hazards. Our selection of Welders' Jackets and Aprons is ideal for environments where abrasive chemicals are common and where there is a risk of hot welding spatter.

Because of their occupation, welders are required to wear equipment that offers protection against heat burns and flames. If you are a welder, you must be dressed safely for the tasks you perform and wear garments that will secure your health. In this way, sparks and embers will not penetrate the fabric and cause injury. 

Tiger Supplies’ welding equipment is ideal for on-site, factory and home use and will protect you from welding-related injury. 

Welding Jackets are a must as they protect the front body, the neck, and the sleeves of welders. You should wear this garment during the welding process to protect your chest and abdominal area. Our Welders Jackets feature long sleeves and high necks.  They offer full coverage and protection from splashes of molten metal as they are made of heat-resistant clothing material. 

Welding jackets should also resist ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) radiations released when welders burn the metal.

Welding Aprons are made of durable materials, such as cowhide and pigskin leather with flame-retardant and flame-resistant properties. Our aprons will give you a comfortable fit that will allow you to work for long periods.

Our Welders' Jackets and Aprons conform to the EN 11611 standard, which ensures protection against welding-related hazards. EN 11611 is the standard for welding workwear and protective clothing for similar applications.

It indicates the main safety requirements and test methods for protective clothing, including welding jackets and aprons. This standard ensures protective clothing is effective against:

  • Splashes of molten metal
  • Radiant heat
  • Short contact with flame

Welders’ workwear should also be capable of minimising the possibility of electrical shock.

According to these requirements, welding aprons and jackets are divided into two classes:

  • Class 1 jackets and aprons can only protect against less hazardous welding processes or techniques causing lower levels of radiant heat and spatter.
  • Class 2 jackets and aprons are effective against more hazardous welding processes or techniques causing higher levels of radiant heat and spatter.

Our Leather Welding Jacket and Leather Welding Apron meet the requirements for Class 2 welding protective clothing. They are both made of cowhide leather and provide a comfortable fit.

We recommend that you browse our wide range of welding clothing and PPE, from prestigious manufacturers, such as JSP and Scott Safety. In addition to Welders’Jackets and Aprons, Welders’ Overalls and Boiler Suits, Welders’ Face Shields, and Welders’ Gauntlets and Gloves are also available.

If you have questions about which product you should purchase for your workplace and employees,  please do not hesitate to contact our sales team. Get in touch with us today if you need assistance. We would be happy to help you. 

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