Rulers & Framing Squares

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When completing construction or renovation projects, having the right tools is essential. As a contractor, you require a wide range of tools to carry out your work effectively and efficiently. That is why, at Tiger Supplies, we offer a wide range of Rulers and Framing Squares that will help you complete your project accurately.

Rulers and framing squares are essential tools for contractors in various industries, particularly in construction and woodworking. They are used to measure and mark straight lines and angles, ensuring that projects are completed accurately and to the required specifications.

A ruler is a flat, straight tool made of metal or plastic that comes in different lengths, widths, and thicknesses. Rulers are commonly used in tasks that require precision and accuracy. Use them to measure materials such as sheet metal, glass, and fabric.

Framing squares, on the other hand, are right-angle tools used to measure and mark angles and lines. They consist of two arms that meet at a 90-degree angle, with measurements marked along both arms. Framing squares are made of metal or plastic and come in different sizes, with larger squares used for framing and smaller ones used for detail work.

Here are some reasons to use rulers and framing squares: 

  • To ensure that measurements and cuts are accurate, reducing the need for rework and ensuring that materials are used efficiently.
  • To improve the quality and appearance of the completed project, which can lead to higher customer satisfaction and future business opportunities. 
  • To maintain safety on the job site, particularly in construction projects, where accuracy is critical for the stability and safety of the completed structure.

These measuring tools are particularly useful for carpenters and woodworkers. In carpentry, a ruler is used to measure wood planks and boards, while a framing square is used to mark 45- and 90-degree angles for cutting. In woodworking, both rulers and framing squares are used to measure and mark wood pieces for cutting, shaping, and assembling.

Our Stainless Steel Ruler is ideal for everyday needs and sump testing. We also recommend our Framing Square. This is a heavy gauge steel carpenter's framing square marked with metric and imperial graduations. It provides cutting details for rafter cuts, roof pitches, and braces.

At Tiger Supplies, we are proud to provide an extensive variety of Tools, which are essential for a wide range of construction and renovation projects. Investing in quality is essential for achieving excellent results. Our range of Measuring and Levels is second to none with quality Detectors and Thermometers, Tape Measures, Spirit Levels, Laser Levels and much more. 

Use the sections above to navigate to your desired type of Tool, including Hand Tools, Cutting Tools, Power Tools, and Tool Accessories. With our range of quality tools, you will complete any task to the highest standards, whether you are a contractor, builder or DIY enthusiast.

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