Crowbars & Wrecking Bars

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At Tiger Supplies, you will find a great selection of crowbars and wrecking bars. Any construction worker or homeowner who makes home improvements needs these tools.


A crowbar is a leverage-based hand tool used to pry open things, like panelling and crates. It is a popular demolition hand tool. The majority of crowbars have two leveraged ends, such as our  Revolt Heel & Point Crowbar. It has a heeled chisel and point made from high-quality steel with hardened tips, which can be used for different tasks.

Wrecking Bars

A wrecking bar differs from a crowbar primarily because:

  • It contains a nail puller.
  • It is shorter in length.

A wrecking bar has one end that is flat, curved and V-shaped to serve as a nail puller (claw). The other end has a chisel shape, which makes it useful for levering actions when prying or demolishing.  For instance, you can use wrecking bars to pry apart pieces of framing timber that is nailed together. 

Demolition jobs can be made easier with this versatile tool, which provides tons of leverage.

Wrecking bars are being produced in bright colours so that you can find them easily when working. Tiger Supplies’ Wrecking Bar has an easy-find yellow design so it can be seen in demolition circumstances where there is a lot of debris. This wrecking bar is made of steel and has been forged with polished claw and chisel ends. It also has a plastic coated bar for a good grip in wet conditions.

Pry Bars 

Pry bars are leverage hand tools useful for prying things apart. They come in various shapes and sizes and are versatile tools.

They are useful for:

  • Furniture repairs
  • Removing nails from wood
  • Scraping off paint
  • Removing floor tiling
  • Puncturing glass

Our Pry bar Set contains 5 pieces that have been heat-treated to withstand rigorous use. Each piece has strong plastic handles. This set is ideal for removing nails. You can also use our pry bars as a lever to force apart two objects.


With proper care, crowbars, wrecking bars and pry bars can last many years. Here are some tips:

  • Prolonged exposure to water is best avoided. Do not leave your tools out in the rain. If they get wet, dry them as soon as you can.
  • Use non-corrosive oils to clean your bars when they get dirty.


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