Safety Eyewear Accessories

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At Tiger Supplies, we offer Safety Eyewear Accessories to keep your safety spectacles and goggles in good quality and durable for a longer period of time. Our range of accessories includes cases and microfibre bags to protect your eyewear and preserve its performance.

After a day's work, you may be in the habit of tossing your safety spectacles on a workbench or leaving them lying around somewhere in your garage or car. If your safety eyewear is of good quality but you do not store them properly, their lenses will get scratched,  the protective coating will be damaged, and you will have to buy a new pair. 

When you are not using your safety spectacles or goggles, you should store them in a protective case or a bag like the ones we offer at Tiger Supplies.

Our range includes cases that are of a universal size. Thus, they are suitable for a wide variety of safety spectacles.

We also offer bags that are ideal for safety goggles and spectacles. This is a simple and economical choice for protecting safety eyewear. 

Microfibre bags offer great protection from dust and dirt. The drawstring closure ensures dust particles do not get on your eyewear lenses.

Our Bollé bags are compatible with all of the brand’s models of spectacles and goggles. The soft microfibre material of these bags protects the lenses of your safety eyewear from scratches.

To carry your safety glasses around, you can benefit from the purchase of our neck cords. This way, your glasses will never get lost. We offer cords that fit most glasses and have a toggle adjuster with adjustable loops.

The Bollé Prescription In a Box is a cost-effective option and a smart choice if you need to wear safety eyewear with prescription lenses. This offer gives you access to a quality selection of 17 frames and lenses that conform to EN166-1FKN and EN170 standards. It includes a prescription form that opticians will complete and send to Bollé for spectacles to be made.


Even if you protect your spectacles with a microfibre bag, avoid tossing them in your tool bag or your backpack to make them last longer. They may get crushed under your tools or other work items.

Here are other tips to care for your safety eyewear:

  • Avoid using cleaning products that have not been designed to clean safety eyewear.
  • Do not use your work clothing, paper towels, or disinfectant wipes to clean your eyewear as they may have abrasive fibres and chemicals that will damage your lenses.
  • Treat your spectacles or goggles with care. Handle them by holding the frame and do not touch the lenses. This way you will prevent scratches and smearing.

Dirty lenses can compromise workers’ vision and put them in danger at work. Thus, we also offer Safety Eyewear Cleaning products to ensure safety spectacles and goggles are always in perfect condition. Our range of cleaning products includes a quality selection of Lens Cleaning Stations with cleaning tissues and cleaning solutions. 

At Tiger Supplies, you will find a wide selection of eye protection products. For more information, please call us on 0844 848 3444 or email us at