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Custom Printed Workwear

Tiger Supplies have a high-quality range of gilets and Bodywarmers suitable for workwear and outdoor activities. Our bodywarmers are mostly made of polyester and are available in a variety of sizes and neutral colours. You will find quality designs for men and women that are easy to combine with other workwear garments during the winter months.

A bodywarmer is a perfect alternative to an outdoor jacket or fleece when the weather is cool and dry. This type of clothing is ideal for people who need to move around a lot or who work in outdoor environments.

Bodywarmers are comfortable clothing items that allow you to move freely whilst keeping you warm. These garments can trap the warmth created by your body, so they are an effective extra layer. You can wear them over a long-sleeved shirt or a sweatshirt.


Some of the benefits of bodywarmers include:

  • Flexibility –  With a bodywarmer, you will have a full range of arm movement. Thus, it will allow you to perform on-site tasks throughout the day. 
  • Temperature regulation – This garment is lightweight and breathable, which helps your body regulate your temperature. Our bodywarmers also have additional features in terms of padding and ventilation to ensure the wearer’s comfort.
  • Functionality – Extra storage is a great advantage of workwear bodywarmers. Tiger Supplies’ bodywarmers come with functional pockets that keep important tools, your mobile phone, pens, keys and other essentials close at hand. 

Types of bodywarmers

Here are some of the designs that you will find in our wide range of workwear:

  • Softshell – This bodywarmer is made of a comfortable woven fabric that is super soft to handle. It is often the most flexible type of bodywarmer and usually comes with additional features. Our TRA788 (RG154) Softshell Bodywarmer comes with a natural stretch for added comfort and is wind-resistant and water-repellent.
  • Microfleece – This garment is made of warm artificial fibres that will keep you comfortable during winter without making you feel bulky. It provides a slim, tight fit.
  • Quilted – Our quilted bodywarmers are ideal for outdoor activities. They are highly insulated garments so you should wear them if you need to spend time outdoors for a prolonged period.
  • Recycled – We offer eco-friendly bodywarmers made from recycled materials and approved under our Project Kaiyo. Our bodywarmers help reduce plastic consumption and are made from a sustainable equivalent to conventional yarns. The recycled fabric has a soft feel and a superior handle.

The Kaiyo initiative helps individuals and businesses be more sustainable and it allows us to accomplish our environmentally-friendly objectives. 

Custom Branded Bodywarmers

You can also have custom-branded bodywarmers and make a branding statement by using them. Our In- House Heat Sealing and In-House Embroidery services will make this possible. 

Custom branded workwear clothing increases the brand awareness of your business. Wearing custom-branded gilets and body warmers will elevate the professional image of your employees. The logo of the company creates unity and helps build company loyalty.  It also enhances business marketing as customers can easily identify your employees and services.

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