Why Do I Need Eye Protection?

About Eye Protection

In most day to day tasks loose flying particles can occur in almost any working environment, resulting in the need of a mandatory requirement of eye protection for workers. Injuries to the eye can lead to pain, workplace dismissal, loss of money and potentially damaged eyesight.

Amongst some of the most common threats to the eye include; wood chips, paint chips, concrete particles and small fixings. Workers eyes are constantly under threat and risk from impact hazards. It’s an employer’s responsibility to ensure suitable eye protection is provided to all personnel at risk of damage to the eyes.

EN166Indicates the Quality of the Ocular (Class 1 is the Best)1, 2, 3
EN166Suitable for High Speed Particles, Low Energy ImpactF
EN166Suitable for High Speed Particles, Medium Energy ImpactB
EN166Resistant to High Speed Particles at Extreme TemperatureT
EN166Resistant to Molten Metals and Hot Solids (Frame)9
EN166Resistant to Liquid Droplets or Liquid Splashes (Frame)3
EN166Resistant to Short Circuit Electric Arc (Oculars)8
EN170Specification for UV Filters-
EN172Specification for Sun Glare Filters for Industrial Use-

Eye Protection Types
Safety Spectacles

Safety spectacles are most suited to lower impact activities including DIY and gardening. Often companies or constructions sites will have a policy for workers to wear spectacles on site.

Safety Goggles

Ideal for protection against mechanical risk from high speed particles. Any situations that involves excessive force or pressurised equipment requires the use of goggles; nail guns, compressed tools, cutting and grinding equipment etc.


The solution for those who need to wear prescription spectacles with safety eyewear. With extra space on the front and lateral sides; the wearer can use both items of eyewear simultaneously without any discomfort.

Safety Spectacle Lens Types

Suitable for most lighting conditions and the most natural lens to view through all year round.


Ideal for sunlight or glare is affecting the users view, most common during summer months.


Provides a light enhancing effect; best for low light environments e.g. dawn, dusk and artificial lighting.

Prescription Eyewear

Available in a range of stylish designs the latest prescription safety eyewear from Bolle is available at Tiger Supplies.

Manufactured to specification, each set of lenses can be applied into a range of frame designs. Using three types of lens materials and three types of lens design (single vision, bifocal and progressive) we can tailor your eyewear to meet your vision requirements.

Created to help you maintain your vision in hazardous environments without having to rely on multiple pairs of eyewear, our extensive range of will provide protection from a range of impact and splash hazards with the same protection ratings as standard safety eyewear.

Simply call us to complete a form detailing your specific eye examination details and your fitting sizes and we will arrange to have the eyewear of your choice made without delay.

Why Do I Need Eye Protection