Wet Weather Jackets

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Our Wet Weather Jackets offer complete protection from the rain. Apart from being weatherproof, they ensure you stay warm, dry and comfortable while working outdoors. 

Tiger Supplies’ wide range of jackets includes quality designs manufactured by top brands, such as Leo Workwear, TuffStuff, and Regatta Professional.

Waterproof Technology

These waterproof jackets offer great value for money as they are made of high-tech coated fabric, including Sealtex, Flexothane, and Hydrofort.


Flexible and tear-resistant polyester knitted fabrics with high-tech coatings are used for manufacturing waterproof clothing. Sealtex garments feature welded seams to prevent rain and wind from penetrating. 


A revolutionary coating is applied to knitted fabric so that it can resist foul weather. Flexothane is a waterproof and windproof fabric with double-welded seams for extra strength and tear resistance. 


Hydrofort is a highly waterproof and windproof fabric that provides great protection from the elements. This fabric also features sealed seams.

EN Standards

Wet Weather Jackets conform to the EN 343 standard, which specifies the requirements for garments to be considered effective in adverse weather conditions. These jackets are tested for water penetration resistance and breathability.

Thus, our range of jackets offers great protection from rain, fog and humidity. The product description will indicate their classification according to this standard.

In addition, we offer high visibility jackets with reflective tape that conform to the EN 20471. This is the standard for hi-vis garments that classifies them according to the levels of visibility they provide. Several of our hi-vis jackets are Class 3, providing the highest level of visibility in poor lighting conditions.

Eco-friendly Waterproof Jackets

We offer eco-friendly designs approved under our Project Kaiyo. These jackets are made from recycled materials and reduce plastic consumption. With this initiative, we offer businesses and individuals the opportunity to become more sustainable.

For instance, the EcoViz® Dartmoor Poly Breathable Bomber Jacket offers excellent protection in all weather conditions. This wet weather jacket is made from 89% recycled polyester.


Here are some recommendations to care for your wet weather jackets :

  • Check any washing or care instructions that come with the jacket.
  • Remove gently any loose mud before washing.
  • Harsh chemicals, fabric softeners and chlorine bleach can damage the waterproof coating of the fabric and the reflective material in the case of hi-vis jackets. Avoid using such products.
  • Allow the wet weather jacket to air dry. Tumble dry the jacket only if the care instructions allow it. For example, PU jackets are not recommended for tumble drying or dry cleaning.

At Tiger Supplies, we are proud to offer a wide range of Weatherwear, including Wet Weather Trousers and Wellington Boots.  

Our selection of wet weather jackets and trousers is inclusive with extra large sizes available. Many of our jackets can be worn with our waterproof trousers to create a two-piece Wet Weather Suit.

We also provide a quality selection of Corporate Workwear, Hi-Vis Clothing, and Thermal Clothing.

For more information, please contact our sales team at sales@tiger-supplies.co.uk or 0844 848 3444.