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Corporate Workwear allows you to dress according to your office’s dress code and the organisation’s culture. At Tiger Supplies, you can choose from a wide range of Men’s Shirts that will make you look elegant at work.

Dressing in a formal and well-coordinated manner is an art. What you wear is key to making a good first impression. Dressing formally says a lot about your personality and is essential to your personal brand. The way you dress will often determine whether your colleagues and business partners will take you seriously or not.

Our work shirt designs have been selected to help you look your best and stand out from the crowd.

Our Men’s shirts are versatile corporate workwear items which are available in various neutral colours and sizes. We offer the classic white shirt, but you can find designs in silver, black and several shades of blue. And you can choose from our selection of Oxford shirts.

Our long-sleeved formal shirts often have a classic style boned collar and a pocket over the left chest. For the warmer days of the year, we offer comfortable short-sleeved shirts that make it easy to work long hours. We recommend you read the product description to select a shirt that will fit you and give you a polished look.

Tiger Supplies shirts are made from 100%  pure cotton or cotton and polyester blends. 

Tiger Supplies’ White Shirts

The white dress shirt should be a staple in a man’s wardrobe.  

Men’s white shirts are a smart and classic choice for going to the office. They will give you a timeless style and can coordinate with everything. They are also a safe choice for any occasion or event.

White shirts are a requirement of the business formal dress code and during corporate events and client meetings. You can pair the shirt with a black suit and a colourful tie to create a sophisticated look. White business shirts give a neat and competent appearance and allow you to project yourself as a serious and focused individual.

The benefits of white shirts include:

  • Effective against heat and the sun. White shirts are more comfortable to wear during the summer as they reflect the sunlight instead of absorbing it.
  • The style looks good on most people and provides a sense of uniformity in the workplace.
  • Produce a positive image of the business and the employees.
  • Can be coordinated with work Trousers and other workwear garments.
  • Provide you with a simple elegant look. 
  • Highly acceptable for almost every occasion.
  • Will boost your confidence at work.

Men’s Oxford shirts

Our Oxford shirts will elevate your smart casual dress code. We offer slim fit Oxford shirt designs in white and light blue that can be styled with trousers and jeans throughout the week. The men’s long sleeve Oxford is a staple garment within the corporate collection. Its timeless design will offer a smart and consistent style across the business team.

At Tiger Supplies, you will find a wide selection of Workwear Garments and Accessories. For more information about our corporate clothing, do not hesitate to contact our sales team on 0844 848 3444 or email us at