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Whether it’s managing traffic on the road or on-site, Tiger Supplies provide a broad variety of Traffic Management Products, including Road Cones & Accessories. 

Road cones are used to create temporary barriers or to delimit areas for safety reasons. They are often used to direct traffic, mark dangerous areas or create temporary barriers for construction or other activities. Road cones are usually made of plastic or rubber and are designed to be durable and strong.

Our road cones have been manufactured by reputable brands, such as JSP and TRAFF TEX.

The JSP Dominator Road Cone features a UV-stabilised HDPE moulded top and a heavy-duty 100% recycled PVC base. This product meets the requirements of EN 13422, which specifies the test methods for the determination of product performance and the minimum essential visual and physical performance characteristics for new traffic cylinders and new traffic cones with retroreflective properties.

The TRAFF TEX™ Road Cone is a 100% recycled sturdy one-piece road cone. It has an R1B Sleeve and also conforms to EN 13422:2019. This product is approved under our Project Kaiyo™ initiative, accomplishing one or more of our environmentally friendly objectives. In this case,  TRAFF TEX™ Road Cone has been:

  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Made with Recycled Materials

Another excellent recommendation is the No Waiting Traffic Conical Cone. It is a two-part cone with a durable recycled PVC base. This product can be easily installed, transported and stored. It clearly and easily demarcates areas of road, walkways and works sites to prevent idling and parking in restricted areas. 

At Tiger Supplies, we offer important Traffic Management Accessories, such as Warning Lamps. Traffic warning lamps are used to alert drivers to potential hazards, direct traffic or provide other important information. They are often used in areas where it is necessary to reduce vehicle speed, such as residential areas, school zones and other places where it is mandatory to reduce vehicle speed.

We offer both Maxilite and Microlite Warning Lamps, Photocell and Non-Photocell Lamps. Maxilite lamps provide bright, versatile and long-lasting light. They are popular because of their maximum light output. Lamps with a photocell tend to be more energy efficient as this device turns the lamp on and off depending on the present light level.

The JSP Maxilite Photocell / Non-Photocell LED Warning Lamp can be fixed to barriers by simply using the included bolt, or to cones by using the cone/lamp bracket. The MaxiLite™ uses energy-saving LED bulbs to enhance battery life, which results in an extended period of use. It features a dual-function photocell operation and conforms to the EN 12352 standard.

Traffic Management Branding

Branding opportunities are available on many other traffic management products. This service allows our customers to stamp their identity on the products they purchase. 

Use the navigation above to browse our range of Traffic Management solutions. Other traffic management solutions include Pedestrian Barriers, Warning and Hazard Lights and Temporary Traffic Signs. Should you have any queries, do not hesitate to contact our sales team. Call us on 0844 848 3444 or email us at