Kitchen & Bathroom Protection

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At Tiger Supplies, we offer a wide range of Temporary Protection, including a quality selection of Kitchen and Bathroom Protection products to take the worry out of refurbishment and decorating projects.

The process of remodelling or decorating a property can damage the work done in the bathroom and the kitchen. If you are planning to make changes at home or in the workplace, you need to take care of these two important rooms that can be susceptible to damage should they not receive the correct protection. 

If you do not protect the bathroom and kitchen during renovation, you risk damaging surfaces and fixtures. In addition, if liquids are spilt on unprotected surfaces, they can cause staining and discolouration. That is why Tiger Supplies specialise in a broad range of temporary kitchen and bathroom protection products.

To protect the Bathroom, we offer:

  • Toilet Protectors with or without cistern
  • Sink Protectors with pedestal
  • Bath Protectors
  • Toilet and Sink Handover Covers

Our Bathroom Protectors are made of impact-resistant fluted polypropylene which provides great impact protection. They will protect toilets, sinks and baths not only from heavy impact but also from damage caused by liquids, such as paint splashes and mortar. They act as a barrier preventing unauthorised use. They are available in a number of colours and can be customised with your company details, logo or message.

They are supplied pre-cut and creased for quick site assembly. We also offer flame retardant options that have been manufactured to meet the requirements of the Joint Code of Practice issue 9. 

There are several stock sizes available to suit standard bathroom fittings.

You can take advantage of the following Kitchen Protection products:

  • Oven and Hob Protector
  • Worktop Protector

These protectors are also made from impact-resistant fluted polypropylene which provides protection against site damage, including impact, scratches and 'liquid damage' such as paint and mortar splashes.

Our Worktop Protector is made from fluted polypropylene sheeting so will provide excellent impact protection to worktop surfaces. The product is 100% waterproof meaning the surface is protected from liquid spills as well. This Worktop Protector is supplied pre-cut making it a time-saving solution to protecting your worktops.

Our Oven and Hob Protectors are available in various colours, including Black, White & Translucent options from stock. You can take advantage of a full bespoke manufacture and customisation service. 

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At Tiger Supplies, we are proud to provide a high-quality variety of protective solutions to keep your site from general mess and harm whilst on the job. Use the sections above to navigate to your desired type of protection, including Window and Door Protection, Internal and External Site Protection, and Scaffold Sheeting and Accessories.

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