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At Tiger Supplies, we offer a wide range of Access Equipment, including a quality selection of Trucks & Trolleys to ensure you can move heavy items from one place to another.

Trucks and trolleys are both types of lifting equipment but they are designed for different purposes. You can use trolleys to lift and manoeuvre heavy items in a confined space. Trolleys usually have wheels and can be pushed or pulled by hand. Trucks are often larger and can carry more weight than trolleys. With trucks, you can transport heavier items easily.

These are some of the benefits of having trucks and trolleys on site:

  • Increased Efficiency–Trucks and trolleys are absolutely necessary on construction sites because they make it easier to move heavy materials and equipment. Additionally, using them to transport materials can help to speed up the process of construction and minimise delays.

  • Cost Savings – The use of trucks and trolleys to transport materials can help reduce labour costs, as fewer workers are needed to transport materials manually. You will also be minimising the risk of damage to materials and equipment, as lifting equipment is designed to move heavy objects safely and securely.
  • Improved Safety–They can also help to reduce the risk of injury to workers by ensuring that they do not have to lift and carry heavy items manually. 

Trucks and Trolleys: Tiger Supplies’ range of trucks and trolleys includes the following:

Our Heavy Duty Sack Trucks will allow you to transport your cargo any distance. You can use it on construction sites, warehouses, and even offices, preferably on flat, hard surfaces.

With our Pallet Trucks you can move pallets of goods from one place to another. They have a platform with wheels and a handle so that you can push or pull them like a trolley. Our Pallet Trucks are an efficient way to transport large amounts of goods quickly.

If you need to handle waste and rubble, our Armorgard Rubble Truck is a must. This truck has been ergonomically designed for maximum performance and efficiency and has a loading capacity of 750kg and a 400L capacity scoop.

Our 3-in-1 Sack Truck is an essential piece of equipment in commercial and industrial environments. This sack truck also functions as a supported truck and a platform trolley and has a maximum load weight of 250 kg. 

The Armorgard LoadAll is a game changer when it comes to moving large-sheet materials around sites, such as plasterboard, wood, and metal. This trolley can be stored easily as it is foldable.  The Armorgard Loadall - LA750 can carry up to 750kg. And our Armorgard Loadall - LA1000 is available in a variety of sizes and can carry up to 1 tonne of material and 24 sheets of plasterboard.

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