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At Tiger Supplies, we offer a wide range of Access Equipment, including a quality selection of Lifting Equipment that is a game changer for carrying out difficult tasks on the job.

For plasterboard and door fitting, we recommend the Silverline 300mm Door/Board Lifter. This lifter has a lightweight but strong aluminium construction that will simplify plasterboard or door fitting and keep both of your hands-free for fixing.

Cargo Straps are useful for securing cargo in a vehicle or similar means of transport. You can use them to:

  • keep items from shifting, sliding, or tipping over during transport. 
  • to secure items to a trailer hitch or roof rack

Our heavy-duty Cargo Straps have weather-resistant nylon webbing and feature a quick-release high-tension handle and double J-hook ends. These straps conform to BS EN12195.

The BS EN12195 is a European standard that regulates the design, performance and testing requirements for lashing materials used to secure cargo during transport. This standard applies to lashing materials such as chains, straps, ropes and webbing, and is applicable to all types of cargo. There are a number of parameters to consider when calculating the securing, including the cargo mass, the arrangement of cargo in the transport unit, and the friction factor.

We also offer a Heavy Duty Polyester Webbing Strap, which is suitable for a variety of applications such as securing straps, backpacks, bags, harnesses and heavy-duty covers. They are extremely strong polyester webbing straps with excellent resistance to sunlight and abrasion. 

Our lifting slings are a more versatile solution than substitute products such as wire rope or chain options. Tiger Supplies’Flat Lifting Strap has been manufactured from 100% polyester fibres (PES).  

Our flat sling products cover sling types from simplex, duplex, and endless to quadplex. It is colour coded for easy identification and the glow slings are produced with reflective yarn to improve safety and efficiency by increasing visibility in low-light lifting operations. We also offer custom-made solutions for non-standard applications.

Our Flat Lifting Straps are manufactured as standard in accordance with EN 1492-1. This standard refers to the design, performance and testing requirements for textile slings, especially flat woven webbing slings, made of man-made fibres, for general-purpose use.

For lifting glass, we recommend 2 and 3 Suction Pad Glass Lifters,  which are useful for transporting heavy and difficult-to-handle objects. Our Suction Pad Glass Lifters are useful in industrial environments, as they allow you to move heavy and fragile glass items without the risk of damaging them. 

The suction created by the pads helps to safely lift, move, and reposition the glass item without the need for additional lifting equipment. This makes them ideal for applications such as glass installation, window repair, and moving large sheets of glass.

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