Chalk, Crayons & Pencils

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Items 1 - 10 of 10

At Tiger Supplies, we can provide you with the necessary Survey Equipment to complete your project, including a quality selection of Chalk, Crayons & Pencils.

Often, surveyors need to create temporary markers on the ground or on objects in the field. Chalk, crayons and pencils are useful for this purpose. These markers allow you to easily locate their survey points and measure distances between them. 

Chalk is ideal on paved surfaces, while crayons are more suitable for marking on soil or other rough surfaces. Pencils are also used to mark off points, as well as to record measurements and other data.

Our French Chalk Sticks are mainly used by engineers and welders for marking metal and steel with a clear, wax-like mark. This engineer's French Chalk, also known as Soapstone and Welder’s Chalk, can also be used for marking masonry and stone too. They are square-shaped, which makes them much easier to hold than flat chalk. Another advantage of this product is its durability. These sticks do not snap as easily.

We also recommend our Wax Crayons. These chunky wax crayons will apply vivid colours smoothly. Their high pigment count gives a long-lasting, waterproof colour.

The Stanley FatMax® Chalk Line is a great option. This product has a water-resistant, high-impact ABS case with rubber grips that make it comfortable to hold. It rewinds 3x faster due to the 3:1 gear ratio and has a stainless steel end hook for added durability and rust prevention. 

Its large 45g chalk capacity helps to reduce refilling times. You can take advantage of the chalk view window that allows you to see exactly how much chalk you have left. 

Additionally, the Stanley FatMax Xtreme Chalk Line is enclosed in a durable die-cast aluminium housing with a patented chalk view window to see exactly how much chalk is left. This product contains 100 ft of 50 lb polyester/nylon string and will hold over 1.5 oz of chalk. 

We also offer a wide variety of chalk refills for use with all types of chalk reels and chalk lines. The micro fine-quality chalk adheres to chalk lines and surfaces with ease.

For instance, our  Stanley FatMax Chalk Refill Powder has been specially formulated for good adhesion and high visibility. It consists of a weather-resistant formula that will not fade or bleed in a wet environment. The chalk will not clump inside the chalk reel, meaning it can still be used if soaked with water. This product is suitable for both interior and exterior use and has been specifically packaged in a square bottle which is designed to not roll off work surfaces.

Our Carpenters Pencils come in a pack of 3. These oval-sectioned pencils have a soft lead core and are ideal for leaving a clear mark on timber and other building materials. 

At Tiger Supplies, you will also find a wide range of Surveying Equipment and survey accessories, including  Tape Measures, Laser Level and Polypropylene Ropes. For more information, please call us on 0844 848 3444 or email us at