At Tiger Supplies, we are proud to offer a wide range of Site Electrical Products from award-winning brands such as Defender Power & Light and Draper Tools. From Site Lights to Transformers and Splitter Boxes, we can provide you with the necessary equipment for your project. 

About Site Lighting & Power

Sufficient lighting on-site is paramount to the health and safety of everyone on or nearby the site. The quicker and easier someone on site can see a hazard, the more likely it can be avoided – and with a construction site full of potential hazards, everything must be visible.

 Poor lighting on site can also lead to unnecessary costs to employers:

  •  Injury from poor lighting can lead to employee time off.
  •  Employees are less productive due to limited vision in poor light.

Poor lighting on site affects the health of your staff. Some of the symptoms of working under poor light conditions include headaches, migraine, and eyestrain. Workers may also become irritable and have poor concentration.

How much lighting is required on-site?

Construction site lighting should have at least an average lighting level of 50 Lux (luminance) which is the equivalent to an internal domestic ceiling light. Although lighting should be judged based on the task in hand, for jobs requiring a higher perceived level of detail, the level of lighting should be significantly greater.

Artificial lighting is required when construction work continues outside daylight hours and/or when the building or structure is enclosed. When needed, employers should provide additional lighting to illuminate shadow areas and ensure employees work safely. Shadows can obscure potential hazards in the workplace.

Artificial lighting should not alter the colour or affect the visibility of Safety Signs.

If is is not possible to have lighting that automatically comes on when primary lighting fails, Torches or similar lights should be available. It is paramount to have emergency lighting available.

Exterior Lighting

Exterior lighting installations should illuminate all the relevant work areas uniformly whilst avoiding glare to workers. Excessive light can affect employees or occupants in neighbouring areas, especially in the countryside.

Luminaires must not be positioned too far apart to prevent excessive contrast in illuminance. Glare depends on:

  • the light distribution and mounting height of fittings
  • the direction of aiming of flood lights.

Electrical Safety

In order to prevent danger, electrical equipment and installations must be maintained. Visual inspections should be carried out on electrical equipment, including portable appliances. Items that are used and moved around frequently are at greater risk of damage and should be checked regularly.

Remove and replace the equipment if:

  • There is a problem with the plug or connector – it may be damaged or broken.
  • You notice that the internal wires of an electric cable are visible or tape has been used to repair it.  
  • There are burn marks 

Only competent individuals should be in charge of repairing faulty equipment as they have the required skills to repair electrical items safely.

Tiger Supplies’ range of  Site Electrical Equipment is suitable for a wide variety of electrical and lighting projects. Should you have any queries, don’t hesitate to contact our sales team.