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Ear Defenders

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Items 1 - 6 of 6

Ear defenders or ear muffs are designed to protect the user from extreme frequency noise. Ear defenders are constructed with a thermoplastic/metal headband to ensure a secure fit thus increasing the protection offered by the ear defenders.

Damage to the ears often goes unnoticed as it is most commonly cumulative over a period of years due to regular insufficient protection. Therefore the use of Ear Defenders is extremely important to aid the prevention of deafness in later life.

HML values indicate the level of sound reduction over thee frequency ranges, H (High), M (Medium), L (Low).

H (High): between 2000 and 8000Hz
M (Medium): between 1000 and 2000Hz
L (Low): between 63 and 1000Hz

SNR stands for Single Number Rating, which indicates an average value of protection over the relevant frequencies. As an example an SNR value of 35 absorbs 100 dB and reduces it to 65 dB. See the chart below to identify which SNR rated product to use for certain decibels.

Noise Level (dB)Ear Protection SNR
85-90 dBSNR 20 or less
90-95 dBSNR 20-30
95-100 dBSNR 25-35
100-105 dB SNR 30 or more