Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is essential for safety that helps protect yourself and your workforce in all working environments, ensuring all vulnerable areas of the body are safe. Tiger Supplies are PPE suppliers and safety clothing and equipment specialists in the UK, who have been providing protective equipment for over 20 years.

Employers must provide, replace and pay for personal protective equipment. It is essential for health and safety at work. Employers should conduct risk assessment procedures and know the PPE regulations. Suitable PPE has to be used when the rest of the measures are inadequate to control exposure. 

Employees must know the reasons why they need personal protective equipment, and they should receive training so they can use it correctly. It is necessary to monitor whether the personal protective equipment fits correctly. Wearing PPE should be comfortable, and all the items of equipment should be compatible. Personal protective equipment shouldn't interfere with the job being done or introduce another health risk.

Before choosing the right personal protective equipment you should consider the suitability for the characteristics of the job, the correct level of protection, and whether some training or maintenance is needed.

Tiger-supplies provides a wide range of personal protective equipment to the construction, utility, rail and many other worksites across the UK. As one of the market leaders, we are happy to source and provide you with all of your PPE needs, including:

Our range of Safety Helmets and Hard Hats are ideal for use in a wide variety of industries including construction, roofing, and forestry.

We are constantly improving our range of Safety Glasses to keep up with the leading innovations and technologies.

Large sound-absorbing foam-filled cups, multiple positioning for a better fit, and a plain surface for easy cleaning are some of the features that you will enjoy with our ear defenders. Our selection of hearing protection equipment suits different working conditions and noise hazards.

Inhalation disorders cause around 12,000 deaths each year due to occupational respiratory disease which can be reduced if workers are equipped with the correct type of mask.

Protective gloves are the first and foremost line of defence when working with anything that could result in a hand injury. With fine handling so important in our day to day lives, protection for the hands is of the utmost importance.

 High Visibility clothing makes you stand out, so you are visible from all angles during poor lighting conditions or in a potentially hazardous situation. 

You can minimise the risk of burns and sprained or twisted ankles by wearing the correct protective footwear.

By stocking brands such as JSP, Moldex, Bollé and Traffi-glove, Tiger Supplies know that our extensive range of PPE will be of superb quality and exceed your expectations.