Tape Measures

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Tape measures are one of the most useful measuring tools for surveyors, builders, woodworkers and DIY enthusiasts. This retractable and somewhat flexible ruler is indispensable for measuring lengths and distances.

At Tiger Supplies, you will find tape measures in different lengths, ranging from 5 to 50 metres. We have tape measures that will suit your needs according to their EC class of accuracy.

You can use an unclassified tape measure for DIY projects that do not require a high level of accuracy. But, for more professional tasks that require accurate readings, you may want to consider Class I, II or III types.

Accuracy classes

The European Weights and Measure Regulations determine three accuracy classes considering the maximum permissible errors (MPEs). Tape measures are tested at 20℃ and under a tensile force of 50N.

The table below shows the approximate margin of error in mm for different types of tape measures at various lengths.

Accuracy classes Characteristics 5m 8m 10m 30m 50m
Class I Highest level of accuracy ± 0,6 ± 0,9 ± 1,1 ± 3,1 ± 5,1
Class II Multi-purpose tape measure suitable for a wide variety of everyday applications ± 1,3 ± 1,9 ± 2,3 ± 6,3 ± 10,3
Class III Least level of accuracy. Useful for applications that do not require high standards of accuracy ± 2,6 ± 3,8 ± 4,6 ± 12,6 ± 20,6

While Class II is the most popular on the market, Class I is the most reliable. It all depends on the level of precision that your task requires.

Our Fisco tape measures have the highest standards of accuracy and reliability. The Hultafors Brick Mate Tape Measure not only is Class I but also exceptionally durable. This specialist tool has been designed to help professional builders and contractors calculate brick and block quantities and course heights.

We recommend the Tuf Lok Hultafors Tape Measure for both professional and DIY use. It is EC Class II, provides accurate measurements and has an ergonomic case that is also impact-resistant.

For longer distances, we recommend the Class III Surveyors Tape - Open Reel which is 30m long. It has heavy-duty fibre tape with a strong plastic case and a folding winding handle. The open reel makes it easy to clean. You can even wash it with a hose pipe if the site is muddy.

Tiger Supplies also has a more sophisticated and comfortable option. The Distance Measuring Wheel automatically records measurements as you walk. This lightweight tool is ideal for ground workers, contractors, surveyors, and builders as it can record measurements up to 10,000m. It has a mechanical counting head, a reset button and inbuilt touch for night use.

To take care of your tape measure, store it in a safe and dry place. This tool should preferably be stored out of the reach of children to avoid accidents. Remember that tape measures can be sharp and cause injury if mishandled.

If you are undecided about which type of tape measure to purchase, contact our team. Please call us on 0844 848 3444 or email us at sales@tiger-supplies.co.uk