Medium Cut Level Gloves

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Hand Protection is of the utmost importance. Safety gloves are the first and foremost line of defence when working in environments with hazards that could result in a hand injury. Thus, at Tiger Supplies, you will find a wide variety of Medium Cut Level Gloves to protect your hands from cuts and lacerations.

International Standards

The International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) has provided a classification of product attributes, which include quality and protection levels of PPE. The European Union (EN)  standards help managers to provide and maintain their workplace safety levels and choose the most appropriate personal protective equipment.

Safety Gloves are commonly tested across a huge range of industries to meet international standards, including

  • EN407 – Standard for gloves protecting against thermal hazards
  • EN420 – Standard for gloves protecting against ionising radiation and radioactive contamination
  • EN374 – Standard for gloves protecting against chemicals and microorganisms

Our Medium Cut Level Gloves meet the EN 388: 2016 Standard for Gloves Protecting Against Mechanical Risks, which is a widely-recognised standard that determines the requirements for safety gloves. Gloves are subjected to various tests:

  • Abrasion Test (Rated 1-4)
  • Cut Test (Rated 1-5)
  • Tear Test (Rated 1-4)
  • Puncture Test (Rated 1-4)
  • Impact Test (Rated “P”)


Most of our gloves are made of Nitrile, PU, or Latex.

Common dip materials

Latex has great tear resistance and elasticity. It resists alcohol and can be worn in working conditions involving chemicals. However, latex gloves can cause allergic reactions. 

Nitrile is a substitute for latex that is 3 times more puncture resistant than rubber and stands up well to oil. Nitrile gloves can be used in most working conditions except in heat.

PU (Polyurethane) grips well without being sticky and provides great breathability and dexterity. Polyurethane resists fats, ozone, oils, and gasoline.

Dip material Working conditions
PU Dry, Wet, Cold
Latex Dry, Wet, Cold, Chemical
Nitrile Dry, Wet, Cold, Oil & Grease, Chemical

Features of our Medium Cut Level Gloves

Our protective gloves have several benefits including improved sensitivity, excellent gripping, and high dexterity and durability.      

Here are some of the superb features you will find in our wide variety of Medium Cut Level Gloves:

  • Excellent resistance to cuts, abrasions and tears
  • Breathable liner to reduce perspiration
  • Ergonomic and close-fitting design
  • Elasticated knitted wrist providing a secure fit 
  • Antimicrobial finish providing extra freshness 
  • Odour repellence 


We offer cut-resistant gloves that are ideal for keeping your hands free from dust and debris. Tiger Supplies’ Medium Cut Level Gloves are suitable for a wide variety of applications, including automotive, construction, utility, engineering, manufacturing, warehousing and logistics. 

Thus, we recommend you read the product specification to select the pair that best suits your needs. You should choose a suitable type of glove according to the working conditions and potential hazards you might encounter.  

Select gloves that:

  • offer maximum protection,
  • fit properly, 
  • and provide comfort.

We offer an extensive range of Hand Protection products. Tiger Supplies’ gloves become a second skin, protecting you from dangerous chemicals. 

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