Safety Eyewear

Damage to the eyes and blindness can have a severe impact on quality of life – as such the prevention of damage is important with the use of Eye Protection products.

Eye Protection is most common in two forms, Safety Spectacles which are intended as a lightweight and easy to use option, whereas Safety Goggles, are a heavier duty option providing additional lateral and vertical eye protection. Generally, most Safety Eyewear conforms to the European standard EN166 to certify that it is fit for purpose, as such all Eye Protection products within our range meet this standard, unless designed for an alternative purpose.

For individuals who already wear spectacles, additional Eyewear can often cause problems and discomfort, however Coverspecs provide a solution where the user can wear Eye Protection over the top of their standard Spectacles without discomfort. We also have the ability to manufacture Prescription Safety Spectacles for our customers – please enquire with the sales team if you are interested.

Popular and reputable Eye Protection brands include Bollé Safety, JSP and Uvex ; all of which you can find within our range. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Enquire with the sales team who will be happy to source the Eye Protection products you need.