Respirator Filters & Accessories

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Items 1 - 13 of 13

We offer filters and accessories for our reusable respirator masks of the brands JSP and Moldex.

These filter cartridges are intended to be used in conjunction with reusable respirator masks for respiratory protection, making them versatile and good value for money.

Instructions for use

We recommend you pay attention when selecting the right filter type according to the task to be performed. If you have any doubts as to the type of filter needed, it is advisable to seek professional advice.

Our filters come with instructions.  Read them to make sure you fit the filter to the mask properly. Ensure that the cartridge is placed correctly in the right respirator to protect the wearer.

Filter Guide


Colour Type Symbol Class Additional information
White P Particles 1, 2, 3 European standard: EN 143
Brown A Organic gases and vapours, boiling point above 65 ℃ 1, 2, 3 European standard: EN 14387


Organic vapours and gases plus particulates
Grey B Inorganic gases and vapours 1, 2, 3 European standard: EN 14387
Do not use against carbon monoxide
Yellow E SO2 and other acid gases 1, 2, 3 European standard: EN 14387
Green K Ammonia and its organic derivatives 1, 2, 3 European standard: EN 14387


Organic/ inorganic/ acidic/ ammonia vapours and gases


Organic/ inorganic/ acidic/ ammonia vapours and gases plus particles in the air


Organic/ inorganic vapours and gases plus particulates

Organic/ inorganic vapours and gases

Assigned Protection Factor (APF) is the number that indicates the level of protection RPE can provide. For instance, APF 10 indicates that the worker using this powered respirator will breathe in one-tenth or less of the hazardous particles, gases or vapours present in the air. Thus, the powered respirator will reduce the worker’s exposure to at least a factor of 10.

Tiger Supplies’ Powered Respirators

Here are some of the characteristics of our selection of powered respirators:

  • Conform to EN 12941 standards
  • Battery can last longer than 7 hours from a single charge
  • Made with durable materials that ensure long working life (depending on the filter/face piece combination)
  • Lightweight and ergonomic designs

JSP Jetstream Switch & Go has an assigned protection factor (APF) of 20 and delivers 180 lt/min of air through the filter. It is ideal for protection against fumes, mists, dust, and fibres.

Proflow SC 160 delivers 160 l/min of air through the filter. This powered ventilator is intelligent and state-of-the-art.

Key considerations

Here are some key considerations for using powered respirators:

  • Check the respirator before putting it on. You must ensure it is in good working condition before using it. Do not use the respirator if it is damaged, dirty or if you notice that it is not providing enough air.
  • Always read the instructions provided by the manufacturer. These instructions often indicate how to change the filter and care for your powered respirator.
  • Powered respirators must be cleaned and stored properly. Pay attention to the exhalation valves when cleaning them.
  • Choose the appropriate filter. You should never use gas/vapour-only filters against particulates or vice versa. 
  • Do not forget that other personal protective equipment (PPE) you wear needs to be compatible with the respirator.
  • Respirators cannot be used in oxygen-deficient atmospheres.

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