Toilet Rolls

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Items 1 - 10 of 10

A healthy working environment boasts cleanliness and comfort. Tiger Supplies has specialised in providing hygiene solutions for the workplace, including toilet rolls.

Toilet paper is an essential item in the workplace. Concerning toilets and washing facilities, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) requires employers to provide, among other things:

  • Clean, well-lit and ventilated facilities
  • A washbasin with hot and cold running water
  • Hand soap
  • And a supply of toilet paper

The Health and Safety Executive has also indicated the minimum number of toilets that employers should guarantee:

For mixed-use (or women only) For men only
Number of people at work Number of toilets Number of people at work Number of toilets
1-5 1 1-15 1
6-25 2 16-45 2
26-50 3 46-75 3
51-75 4 76-90 4
76-100 5 91-100 4

Therefore, a quality and cost-effective supply of toilet paper is vital to ensure the comfort of workers.

Features to consider when buying toilet paper:

  1. Softness:  Soft, smooth toilet paper makes the toilet experience more comfortable. We have selected toilet paper rolls that are soft to protect your skin.

Tiger Supplies’ Bliss Toilet Rolls deliver excellent performance. These economical toilet rolls supplied in a pack of 36 have soft sheets allowing greater absorption.

  1. Ply: This term refers to the number of layers of paper that you will see on each sheet. A toilet roll with just one layer in each sheet is single-ply. Double-ply (2-ply) and triple-ply (3-ply) rolls have two and three layers respectively. These layers make the paper thicker and more comfortable. 

  2. Durability: Big rolls guarantee you have enough toilet paper for a while. At Tiger Supplies, you will also find bulk packs for easy replenishment of stock. Our cost-effective options are ideal for workplaces with busy washroom environments.

With our Maxi Jumbo Toilet Roll, you will enjoy 300m of pure white tissue with great strength per roll. This 2-ply roll is sold in cases of 6 and has been designed for use in any washroom.

  1. Environmentally friendly: It is always a great idea to choose products that do not impact the environment negatively. Toilet paper that is made without harming forests is great for your company’s image. 

Our Eco Toilet Rolls are made from 100% recycled paper. This option will help you to reduce your carbon footprint and do your bit for the environment. This product is an economical and efficient choice as each pack contains 36 rolls, and each roll has 320 sheets.

Jumbo versus Standard Toilet Rolls

Jumbo toilet rolls are ideal in facilities with high traffic like offices, restaurants and public institutions. Standard rolls are primarily used in residential settings and small commercial businesses.

The main reason for purchasing jumbo toilet rolls is to reduce maintenance and product costs. Jumbo rolls can provide as much capacity as 10 or more standard rolls.

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