Washing & Sanitising Stations

A large percentage of workers do not wash their hands often enough or long enough to protect themselves from the spread of germs. More than half of maintenance and construction workers wash their hands less than 5 times a day. That's why, at Tiger Supplies, we offer a quality range of Washing and Sanitising Stations to promote better hand hygiene.

Advantages of Washing & Sanitising Stations

Adding Washing and Sanitising Stations will not only keep employees’ hands clean and sterilised but it will also show that your business cares about people’s safety. Here are some other benefits of Washing and Sanitising Stations:

  • Keeping infection and the spread of disease at bay
  • Hassle-free disinfection
  • Easy transportation
  • Maintaining a good working environment

For industrial environments and construction sites, we have top-quality stations by Armogard.

The Armorgard ScrubKart 110v Tank Fed is ideal for use on construction sites with no nearby water source. You will have access to warm water instantly with no plumbing required because it comes equipped with a water heater which has a 15L reservoir.

This product is extremely durable as it has a robust and heavy-duty steel construction with a stainless steel sink and tap for long-term use. It has a foot pump operated system and a hands-free swing bin for sanitisation.

You will take sanitising to the next level with this mobile hand-washing kart. Its robust solid rubber tyres will allow you to move this cleaning station over rougher terrains. This station has a soap dispenser, paper towel dispenser, hands-free swing bin and all the relevant signage. 

A more eco-friendly solution is the Armorgard SaniStation which is made from fully recyclable, chemical-resistant UV stabilised MDPE. This station has a durable plastic construction making it suitable for external use and easy to clean. These units are stackable to make transportation easy.

The SaniStation is a unique solution for the immediate deployment of a central cleaning and sanitising station. This option is two-sided to promote social distancing and conforms to all the important standards, such as EN1276, EN13704, EN14476 and EN1500.

Since touchless stations reduce germ transmission by going the extra mile, they are the most popular and highly desired. And it is important to choose hand sanitising stations that will keep people safe while not being an eyesore in your building. 

Then, the Armorgard SaniStation Mini Hands-Free is an excellent solution for your workplace’s sanitising needs. It is a versatile station that can be either free-standing or fixed to the floor for security and is compatible with all standard 5-litre bottles. This solution is a robust hand sanitiser station with an anti-theft system for high-traffic environments indoors.

At Tiger Supplies, we are proud to provide a high-quality variety of Janitorial and Hygiene products, including Disinfecting Wipes, Cleaning Products, Suncreams, Cream Barriers and  Paper Products. Should you have any queries, do not hesitate to contact our sales team. Call us on 0844 848 3444 or email us at sales@tiger-supplies.co.uk.