Chemical Spill

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Chemical spills are common occurrences on construction sites, which can have a range of consequences for the environment, other workers, and the construction project itself. To prevent these disasters from occurring, it is important to have the right chemical spill control products at hand. That is why Tiger Supplies provide a wide range of Chemical Spill Control products to meet your construction site needs.

Chemical spills can contaminate soil and water, which can lead to health risks for workers, wildlife, and nearby communities. With the right cleaning materials, you can contain chemical spills successfully and prevent damage to the environment. 

These accidents often require tougher inert absorbents. Our Chemical Spill Control products absorb unknown toxic, corrosive, aggressive and flammable chemicals. You can find them in a range of shapes and sizes. 

We offer a quality selection of spill kits. Our spill kits have the advantage of being pre-packaged with all the materials needed for spill clean-up. Being able to grab the kit quickly after a spill occurs will ensure that the spill is dealt with quickly and effectively.

Our Tri Spill™ Chemical Spill Kit comes with a 120-litre wheelie bin. You can use this mobile kit for handling all acids and caustic materials and is suitable for external and internal use. It is perfect for battery recharge areas and large chemical storage areas. 

Another great option is the Chemical Spill Granules. These heavyweight granules have high crush resistance and fire resistance and are suitable for absorbing all fluids. They can be used to neutralise and contain corrosive liquids. You can handle them and store them easily. Our chemical spill granules are affordable and cost-effective and can reduce the amount of hazardous waste produced from spills. This product has been made from 100% natural clay resources.

For improved wiping results, we recommend the Tri Spill™ Chemical Spill Pads. These pads are an effective way of containing and cleaning up spills and can be used to contain a variety of hazardous chemicals. This highly absorbent product can absorb large volumes of liquid and has fine fibres and a distinct colour to alert users of potentially hazardous content. This chemical spill material is a cost-effective option as each pack contains 200 absorbent pads with a bonded construction. 

Useful recommendations

It is advisable to study chemical spill response protocols and emergency response procedures and train all employees on how to respond to such events. Ensure that all appropriate safety equipment is available for use and follow all applicable environmental regulations.

Some workplaces have established the importance of documenting the event and its response and, in some scenarios, a professional clean-up team must be contracted to ensure proper disposal of hazardous materials.

You should not clean up chemical spills without the correct training and protective equipment. We also offer Oil Spill Control Products and Spill Containment Products. Should you have any queries, do not hesitate to contact our sales team. Call us on 0844 848 3444 or email us at