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At Tiger Supplies, you will find a quality selection of washroom products to suit your needs. Our range of washroom supplies includes air fresheners and aerosols, toilet roll dispensers, toilet seats, and much more.

Clean washrooms contribute to a clean and professional workplace. Customers, business partners and employees will need to use these facilities. 

Therefore, a well-kept washroom is beneficial for the company's image, as it helps to create the feeling that the entire business is hygienic. And nowadays, hygiene is more important than ever. Therefore, a washroom should have all the elements to make users feel comfortable.

Our air fresheners will ensure your washrooms have a long-lasting pleasant smell. Sometimes the washroom is closer to the offices. And unpleasant odours can negatively impact employees’ cognitive performance and productivity. 

Air fresheners work as odour neutralisers by releasing fragrance molecules, ensuring the bathroom has a stronger, more pleasant smell. To achieve this goal you will have to shake the air freshener, hold it upright, and proceed to spray lightly.

We recommend Glade Air Fresheners that have masterfully blended fragrances, including floral and fruity scents.

You should make sure there is a constant supply of toilet paper in your company and that washrooms have toilet paper dispensers. 

We offer toilet roll holders and toilet paper dispensers. Open toilet dispensers are economical and easy to place and maintain. Enclosed dispensers are more sanitary as they are less prone to bacteria. They hold more toilet paper than open dispensers and can be cleaned easily.

We offer plastic jumbo toilet paper dispensers that can hold jumbo paper rolls due to their bigger capacity. This characteristic makes them ideal for environments where there is high traffic, such as restaurants, hotels, and office buildings.

These paper dispensers are available in plastic, which ensures their longevity. They are often made of ABS plastic or durable polypropylene. This characteristic makes them scratch-resistant and easy to be cleaned. 

Some of our paper dispensers have translucent surfaces. This way, your cleaning staff can see when refills are needed.

Tips for ensuring washroom hygiene

1. The cleaning staff should ensure that the washroom is empty. It is advisable to cordon off the facility and use a yellow A-frame or a sign indicating that the washroom is being cleaned. This will prevent customers or employees from entering.

2. It is critical to identify which areas need to be cleaned. The toilets and sinks should be deep cleaned and all rubbish disposed of.

3. Next, it is time to check the supply of toilet paper and ensure the toilet paper dispensers and soap dispensers are fully stocked.

4. Proceed to clean the floor. Staff should sweep up all dirt and debris and use a damp mop to clean from the back of the washroom towards the entrance.

5. It is time to add the finishing touches. Air fresheners should be used to increase the freshness of the washroom. 

6. The building manager or person in charge should thoroughly inspect the washrooms once the floor is dry to ensure that they are hygienic. Inspections should be scheduled as part of the company's standards of practice. Make sure that everything is in working order and, if not, call maintenance immediately to fix the problem.

Feel free to check our wide range of Janitorial and Hygiene Products. If you have any questions about our range of Washroom Products, please contact the sales team at 0844 848 3444 or email us at sales@tiger-supplies.co.uk