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Eyewash kits are crucial for any workplace facing the following hazards: 

Common Hazards 

  • Moving parts and sharp edges of machinery can cause eye injuries.
  • Steam, sparks, and flames can cause burns and blisters.
  • Exposure to corrosive chemicals, gases, and flying particles can cause irritation, scarring, and blindness.

The immediate use of eyewash kits can prevent complications.

What is an Eyewash Solution?

It’s purified water in the form of a medical solution to soothe eye problems. If your eyes are itchy, stinging or burning, it’s time to use an eyewash solution. It provides relief from irritation caused by hazardous substances and helps to remove foreign objects from your eyes. Thus, it’s mandatory under HSE regulations.

Tiger Supplies’ Eye Wash Solution is sterile, safe and non-toxic. It’s suitable for boxed First Aid Kits.

Tiger Supplies’ wall-mountable Mezzo Eyewash Kit is HSE-compliant and meets the minimum approved code of practice. It’s ideal for workplaces where there is no clean running water. It has 2 sterile eyewash bottles, 2 eyewash pods, and 10 eyewash mini pods.

The size of eyewash pods makes them easy to transport. The saline solution in eye wash kits is essential for eye irrigation.

What is an Emergency Eyewash Station?

It’s a defined area in the workplace where you can easily flush away any hazardous chemicals and particles effectively. It should be located closer to potential hazards and be clearly signposted.

Emergency eyewash stations are essential to ensure health and safety in workplaces such as these:

  • Laboratories and hospitals
  • Chemical plants
  • Warehouses and factories
  • Construction sites
  • Workshops

But even schools, gyms, and restaurant kitchens can benefit from having an emergency eyewash station.

Our Premier Emergency Eye Wash Station includes all the necessary products to treat an eye injury, plus a central mirror. It can be located easily if a power cut happens as it comes with hard-wearing ABS plastic with illuminated printed instructions.

What to do in an Emergency?

  • Don’t waste time: Even if it’s a minor spill, as soon as the hazardous chemical enters the eye, you should go to the eyewash station. The longer you wait, the more damage this substance could do. 

  • Apply the eyewash solution: You can use a nozzle applicator or an eye cup. Lean back and flush your eyes for as long as you need (a minimum of 15 minutes). If you wear contact lenses, remove them. Gently move the eyeballs up and down and to each side to apply the solution effectively. 
  • Seek medical assistance: After flushing, let a colleague take you to the hospital immediately. Your vision could be impaired, so you shouldn’t drive yourself.

Eyewash kits and emergency eyewash stations are a low-cost investment that can make a significant difference in the event of an eye injury.

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