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Dressings are often pads of cloth or gauze that can absorb blood and control bleeding. They protect wounds from becoming infected and allow them to heal. Thus, dressings must be sterile to prevent infection and large enough to cover the wound. They come in different sizes, so choosing the right one for a specific lesion is paramount. 

Tiger Supplies’ Burns Dressing is ideal for minor burns, scalds, and sunburns. This emergency first aid burn dressing absorbs and dissipates heat. It helps prevent contamination and is non-adherent.

Bandages are used to keep the dressing in place.

Types of Bandage

Roller Bandage: 

Tiger Supplies’ roller bandages are a single continuous strip of cotton gauze tightly in a cylinder shape. Lightweight and breathable, they are used mainly for holding the dressing against wounds.

How to apply a roller bandage:

  • Make sure the rolled part of the bandage is above the wound and the unrolled part is below
  • Wrap twice around the lesion to hold the end in place
  • Work up the limb, roll the bandage in spiralling turns, and make sure that half of the previous layer is covered by the new one.
  • Once finished, secure the end of the bandage.
  • Make sure that the bandage doesn’t affect circulation. If it does, the bandage should be loosened immediately. 

Our roller bandages come in different sizes, from small (5cm x 5cm) all the way up to extra large (24cm x 16cm)

Triangular Bandage:

This type of bandage is multifunctional. Triangular bandages can be used as slings to support a limb and immobilise broken bones.

How to apply triangular bandages as a sling:

  • Patients should hold their arms across their chest
  • Support their arm while working on the fracture or injury
  • The bandage must be under the arm and make sure it’s also around the back of the neck
  • The other half of the bandage must be over the arm to be tied into a knot at the shoulder.

Tiger Supplies’ Triangular Bandage is for single use only and is ideal for slings and splints (90cm x 127 cm).  

Tubular Bandages:

Tubular bandages hold dressings on fingers and toes and provide compression and immobilise knee and elbow joints. 

How to apply tubular bandages:

  • To hold a dressing, you may have to cut the tubular bandage to a smaller size before placing it over the injury.
  • To support a joint, slide the bandage up slowly until it covers the part of the body you want to treat. 

You can also find Conforming Bandages at Tiger Supplies. These bandages are useful for wound dressing and sprain support. With a high level of stretch, our conforming bandages come in different widths and sizes to conform to different parts of the body. They are lightweight and durable.

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