Fire Safety

Our quality Fire Safety Equipment and First Aid Product range is something that we hope you never have to use. But for Tiger Supplies, it is paramount to ensure you are fully and regularly stocked in case of emergencies. 

This is why we are happy to provide our customers with a wide range of fire safety and first aid equipment solutions at affordable and competitive prices.

Our Fire Safety Equipment selection includes all the necessities such as the relevant extinguishers for all occasions. Whether you need a Water, Foam or Dry Power extinguisher, we are sure to have the right product for the safety of your site and, above all, your employees. Other essentials from our Alarm, Bell & Detector range include Heavy Duty Howlers, Smoke Detectors and Fog Horns.

Laws & Regulations

Under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, the Fire (Scotland) Act 2005 as amended, and the Fire Safety (Scotland) Regulations 2006, employers (and/or building owners or occupiers) are required to carry out fire safety assessments.

The DSEAR (Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations 2002)  requires employers to assess the risk of fire and explosions from work tasks involving dangerous substances. In addition to fire risk assessments, DSEAR also requires employers to eliminate or reduce these risks. 

Process fire precautions are one of the main concerns of the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). Workers must take special fire precautions in relation to specific work processes (including the storage of articles, substances and materials related to those processes). The main objective of these measures is to prevent the occurrence of fires and to reduce their intensity and spread once they do occur.


Here are some examples of fire precautions:


  • Selection of equipment that will not cause a fire ignition
  • Consideration of storage of flammable liquids in process areas, such as workrooms and laboratories
  • Selection of extraction systems and ventilation systems to handle flammable gases and combustible materials.

Fire Safety Equipment

Equipment must be properly installed, tested, maintained, and your staff must be trained to use it.

Testing and maintenance

Employers must check the workplace regularly to ensure that:

  • All the fire alarms and emergency lighting are in good working order
  • Faults in systems and equipment are recorded
  • There are no obstructions to escape and fire exits are easily accessible
  • Automatic fire doors close properly
  • Fire exit signage has been placed in appropriate locations

Training and fire drills

Employers must train new staff when they start work and inform all employees of any new fire risks. Conduct a fire drill annually and document the results. It is essential to incorporate the results into your evacuation and fire safety plans.

Commissioning & Installation 

If required we can also carry out the initial installation and the initial service (commissioning). Please Note commissioning is in accordance with BS5306-3:2009. It must be done after delivery to ensure it has not been damaged in transit, but prior to the extinguisher being mounted or placed in its designated spot.

It’s one thing is to own a fire extinguisher and other necessary fire safety products. But it’s another thing to make sure your employees know where to find it, which is just as important. So take a look at our range of Fire Safety Signage.